Root For Droid 3 what is the latest Version of Android it can run?


Aug 18, 2015
Background : Ok, I have a Droid 3, I wanted a 3G phone, because if I have a 4G enabled phone, I have to put it on a more expensive plan at least $25 a month. where as with a 3G phone I can put it on a standard plan . When I am mobil, I use the phone for only brief calls, and can get by with a with either a 1 year pin (80 bucks) or 3 four month plans for 10 dollars (30 a year). I can and plan to turn data off on the plan so that no processes eat up my cash reserve. When I am home, or at family, friends or out I will use the wifi, to access email, facebook etc.

Question 1 : for Droid 3 What is the latest version of Android it can run?
Note: I would like to be able to run the lastest version of android it can, however, it must work
If the camera doesn't work running the new software, then I consider that a fail.
if the HDMI out to TV. doesn't work again, I consider that a fail.
I don't really use bluetooth, so if that breaks with the new version I can live with that.
but I must be able to use the phone regularly for calls, texting, camera, HDMI out to tv. and wifi.

Question 2: What procedure is there that I can do to be able to backup and later restore this phone to it's factory condition with the version of android it came with, should something not work right with the custom rom I am trying to put on it?

If you have a specific recommendation, please send me the information
Thanks in advance :)
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There was never an official update but i did some more searching around and found a guide to update the Droid 3 to Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. It requires rooting first though. Android Geeks has it. Read everything and be sure you understand it before you begin.
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As far as I recall, there is no rom beyond gingerbread that allows the camera to be used. I always ran the phone stock but rooted, and, yes, 2.3.4 was the latest release for the verizon Droid 3.
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