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For Galaxy Pop / Mini begainers. Must read......

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fahim74, May 23, 2011.

  1. fahim74

    fahim74 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am writing a post for those who bought galaxy pop or mini and rooted their phone (if not then fine). And especially for those who want to backup their android and thinking of using any good software for this job . Well it is good to backup apps and your android . But never ever use " Rom Manager " for this job. Why ? Nice question. But i am telling u from my own and also other's experience with it. I bricked my phone by rooting and then try to back up rom by rom manager. So don't do that ever ever ever never . Galaxy mini and pop (similar) is never design to use rom manager. My phone is still in customer care..... U can see my post regarding that problem.... But i have tried mybackup pro . It is not free but by searching it in google or 4shered u can get it free thats for sure... Note that rooting ur phone is not a problem . It gives u many advantage but after rooting dont give super user access to all application inculuding ro manager (specially ). If u search in the google then u will find that 80 % or more android set brick by rom manager specially android phone (pop,mini,ace,specia etc) which is low cost . So rooting is gud but u have to be careful with it..

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  2. sahilg009

    sahilg009 Newbie

    thank guy anyone request the mod to make this stick
  3. baran

    baran Lurker

    wanted to make a thread about this my self. but good that u have! hope this getts stickied or at least the info about rom manager gets highlighted for ppl..

    Remember folks galaxy mini and Rom manager = crash!!!
  4. watcherofhelm

    watcherofhelm Lurker

    Is there any other App which functions like the ROM Manager but won't crash our Galaxy Mini?
  5. Is there a possibility that S Galaxy Mini will brick if you root it?
    And will it really void the warranty?
    I don't know wether to root it or not,
    but I really do like to root it because there are many advantages,
    But I'm afraid to brick my phone, and loose the warranty.

    Thanks in return!
  6. PraGalaxy713

    PraGalaxy713 Newbie

    No if you properly root your phone, it won't be bricked. Before I did it myself, I had similar thoughts, but now after rooting, I think it is totally worth it. So if you follow all the instructions properly (available on this site and many other sites around the internet), you wont brick your phone.
    And yes, rooting your phone voids the waranty.
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  7. yagya

    yagya Android Enthusiast

    Here is probably the safiest way to do it as you can see many users have successfully falshed their phone in comments so follow it carefully and everything will be fine...
    Froyo Handy Informations: How to Root FROYO/Android 2.2 Devices?
    Gingerbread Handy Informations: How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570 Running Gingerbread 2.3.4 OS?

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