For MetroPCS Samsung Indulge?


Hey gang! I am looking for a few things... dunno if anyone has spotted them out there. 1) An extended battery. I bought a replacement battery that I have to have charging while I use the phone because it sucks the battery like a dehydrated vampire.

2) A cover- otterbox or silicon type of cover
3) A case that attaches to a belt.

Just wondering, I'm sure nothing out there will work with the phone at the moment since it's so new and has the slide but, I wanna protect the little guy, ASAP.

Thank you.
Jackie :)


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I have not seen a bigger battery, but have not really looked. Like you I went with the spare battery. MetroPCS had it half off yesterday. Working out well so far. The Indulge sure does suck up the battery.
On a related note, I bought the $15.00 (made for the Craft) cover from MetroPCS yesterday as well.
The look was just alright. The cover had a two tone Red and Black finish. It definately made the phone look bigger. But the reason for my fail, is that it is very hard to pry off. With the spare battery, I'll be changing them daily. I had visions of breaking the keyboard half right off. It's very hard to pry off.


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Yeah i got the plastic clamp on. Comes in black that fades red or blue for guys, and there's like pink and green for girls. I actually had the samsung finese case from years ago, and it fits my phone snug. I would recommend either the case from samsung code, samsung calibur, or samsung craft; leather case wise. Comes in a combo pack. My store never has the calibur or craft, so we just sell the code combo pack because the code is about as wide as the other phones.