For Sale : $400 shipped : FS OR FT Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 White Wifi 16gb + Case

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Dec 10, 2009
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..For Sale

..FS OR FT Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 White Wifi 16gb + Casee

..$400 shipped

Shipping Included?

Payment Options

..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items

Extra Included Items
..Belkin folio case made specifically for the note 10.1 and has cutout for S-Pen. Also included are two extra screen protectors.

Additional Information/Comments
Will also consider trade for a Galaxy Tab 2 7", Tab 7.7, Motorola Xyboard 8.9 plus cash on your end.

Tablet is mint, no scratches or nicks.

Payment by paypal. Will not ship outside of the US. I have feedback for multiple successful transactions here, Android Central and XDA. I have been a member of ebay since 1998 and have 100% feedback under radyoactve.


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Would you consider a Motorola Xoom wifi with folio case, car charger, charging dock, gel case and some cash on my end? (all are Motorola accessories)
All in excellent condition.
Thanks but really looking for a smaller tablet unless it's a 32gb nexus 10.
Price drop to $375 shipped UPS ground and I will provide the tracking number. Offered this to someone in a PM this morning.
Deal pending with xdosmil. Payment will be made Sunday night and I will ship on Monday UPS ground and provide a tracking number. Will keep the thread updated.

Payment received as promised. I will ship tomorrow and provide tracking number to the buyer and update the thread then.

Thanks for the offers!
I already sold it but anything else you'd be interested in trading? I have an Apple TV2 already jailbroken with XBMC, i could add cash (posted in the non android classified)?

Also have a droid razr I use as my backup phone?

Be interested in trading for a Nexus 7 32GB with otterbox?
Buyer confirmed receiving the tablet today. Almost wishing I had it back.

Mods please close.

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