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kool kat2

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May 21, 2011
Carson, CA
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..For Sale

..Droid RAZR // HTC Rezound // HTC Thunderbolt

..210 / 240 / 120

Shipping Included?

Payment Options
..Even Trade - No Money, Paypal

..Good: Device in good shape - no or missing accessories (USB Cable, etc)

Extra Included Items
..RAZR- Otterbox Defender, Motorola HDMI cable

Rezound - shell holster combo, desktop dock, screen protectors

Thunderbolt- nothing



Additional Information/Comments
I am leaving Verizon and am selling my phones. I will not be able to ship out until Saturday or Monday, depending on when my T-Mobile sims get here. If you have any T-Mobile phones you want to trade for these phones feel free to make offers but im mainly interested in selling. If we do trade, I would ask that you ship first though. If for some reason you want to buy more than 1 phone, we can try to work out a deal for both or all 3.

The razr is NOT mint. It has tiny marks in various places. i can provide better pics upon request. The rezound is in excellent condition. Minor marks along the edges but nothing major. Again, pics on request. Thunderbolt (should) be in near mint condition unless the user has been a clumsy nut. I will let you know what it looks like.

phones im interested in are:
galaxy s2 (razr or rezound with a bit of $ depending on condition)
htc radar 4g (thunderbolt)
hspa nexus (i can trade the razr AND thunderbolt for this)
i know it may cost me a deal but i would like you to ship first in the trade.

Another thing. The Rezound and RAZR will more than likely have to ship rooted and ROM'd because im too chicken to risk me screwing something up right when i decide to sell.
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With you leaving VZW can you assure the ESN will all be clear? May be interested in your TB once you get some pics up..

yeah ill be paying my etfs and everything. ive sold several phones here with no problems for what thats worth. the pic of the TB will be up in a few minutes
Deal on progress for the rezound.. will clear payment in 24 hours after receive pp email, so can be shipped the next day.
Does the TB include the charger, box, MC? Anything&gt;?

No original charger. I can include a Samsung chanrger. I have the box but I'm trying to keep shipping to a small flatrate box and it wouldn't fit like that. There's also an extra screen protector or 2.
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