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For those still using cassette adpaters in their car...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yataghan, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. yataghan

    yataghan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm still rocking a cassette adapter in my 99 Lexus and I was very pleased to see the Monster adapter from Dre activates the Dre Beats software within the Rezound....just like the headphones do. I did not notice much improvement with the bass, but I was able to listen to music much louder without clipping the speakers(which would happen fairly easy with my ipod). The music also seemed clearer. Overall...just another win for the Rezound!!!

    Hope this hasn't already been posted....I did a quick search and came up empty.

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  2. scooby8611

    scooby8611 Newbie


    I just got my Rezound yesterday...I don't have a cassette adapter, but maybe this means that if I can find a Monster cable for my aux port, I will be able to enable the beats software while I drive.
  3. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    lol, now if we can get some clarification on an 8-track adapter....
  4. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    I don't use a "monster" cable, just a cheap headphone Jack to headphone Jack cable and beats comes on. So save your money on that expensive cassette adapter, a cheap one will work too.
  5. yataghan

    yataghan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dunno the price of their aux cables, but their cassette adapter is just as cheap as any other ones....and it sounds a lot better than the generic one I had before even w/o the beats audio enabled.
  6. nynvolt

    nynvolt Android Enthusiast

    Plugged into my guitar amp and home stereo, sounded awesome with beats and dsp eq. Watts cool is I have cord bot which plays for backing track while I play guitar and the extra oomph from beats makes it sound pretty good.
  7. andr01d

    andr01d Android Enthusiast

    ok... how many subs in that Lexus?? We need some subs so that Beats work properly!! 1/2 :)
  8. RottnJP

    RottnJP Well-Known Member

    What is this "cassette adapter" of which you speak? Is this some next-gen technology for which I should be keeping my eyes open?
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