For those who have Battery problems


I got my Captivate on release day and for the first couple days I thought the battery was very terrible (coming from an iPhone 2g). It would barely make it 5 hours before dying and this was purely standby!! I kept reading people's problems on these forums and xda as well. I couldn't believe that it was working properly because even my old iPhone 2g was better than this.

Needless to say, I took the battery back to the corporate AT&T store on the 3rd day and got it replaced. Of course they said they would check in the back for a replacement battery (I knew they wouldn't have any since it just came out). He returned and said they were out. They ended opening up another new Captivate and giving me the battery from that box.

After all that I can safely say that I have a fully functional battery. I can easily get almost 2 days from 100% charge level without moderate use. The biggest thing I noticed that eats the battery is being in places with no signal, which causes the phone to search for a signal constantly, thus draining the battery rapidly.

An example is my battery today:

10h 40m since unplugged
Cell Standby: 58% (37% time without signal)
Phone idle: 18%
Voice calls: 11%
Display: 10%
Android System: 2%
Android OS: 2%

Current battery level: 70%

All in all I think the battery issues everyone has is more than likely the same as mine and just need to get a replacement. Just wanted to share my experience with everyone and hopefully answer some questions to the people that are having similar issues that I was once having.

TLDR: I think some of the batteries shipped with the Captivates are faulty and if you are having issues as I was, just take it back and get it replaced and you'll be able to use your phone to it's full capacity.

PS We need an easy 2g only mode to conserve battery while in areas with low/no signal. I don't like putting my phone into airplane mode because you can't receive texts/calls. And the #*#* method is too cumbersome to continually do.