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For those who wants to try Froyo..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sadkorean34, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. sadkorean34

    sadkorean34 Newbie
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    Apr 17, 2010
    So, I have decided to do a little experiment.
    I have 3 button Korean version of SGS from Korea,
    as well as regular 4 button Vibrant from T-mobile.

    I use the 4 button, my brother uses the 3 button SGS.

    I loaded the JP3, on both of the phones.
    Here are what is working and what is not.

    FOr Vibrant,
    With JP3 PDA,CSC,PHONE, pit 512.
    Your phone will work in every way.
    except, ur sound will not work, and u will not get any signal.
    No signal as in, ur phone is locked to others.

    With JP3 PDA, CSC, and JI6 Phone file, pit 512.
    Your phone will work in every way.
    Except, u still don't get sound, and ur home button is back button.
    so basically, you have 2 back buttons on your phone.
    U'll get signal, and 3g, hsdpa, etc.

    For 3 button SGS.
    with JP3 PDA,CSC,PHONE, pit 512.
    Everything works as it should.
    no signal. due to Tmobile sim card.

    with JP3 PDA,CSC, JI6 phone, pit 512.
    Everything works as it should.
    Even the back button is legit.
    Gets signal, all networks is in good working condition.
    Home button works.

    So, my point is..

    I'm looking for something to do in Modem(Phone) file.
    The file seems to be what's causing the misinterpret of
    the home button on the "Vibrant 4 button model".
    If not, I am still thinking about downloading the after JP3
    firmwares and do little more testing to see what I can find.


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