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For those without a battery... Read this!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AkihiroKurokami, Jun 3, 2014.

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    DiSCLAiMER: "I am not responsible for any damage that may possibly or may not possibly occur; You and ONLY YOU are held responsible if you decide to try this for yourself."

    Edit of first attempt:

    Well the whole battery trick went down the shit-hole... :banghead:

    It kept rebooting with any small wire movement/wiggles.. :(

    Then I thought about that female-2-female USB extension I made and I went to go look for it, found it and just ripped them apart-(since I had no tape the wires would unwind easily) and used only one USB cord and connected it to the switch for on or off power supply.


    *Back of phone* LS670/LG Optimus S


    Wire movement does not cause random rebooting anymore.

    Stable connection.


    1.) If the usb-switch is left on and you unplug the charger and then plug it back in after it dies and then boots up and the phone is saying that you need to have the back cover on;
    ^Just flip the usb-switch to off until you see a fully charged green battery and then quickly back to on; it will boot by pressing and holding the power button.

    Note: ...
    If you plug the USB charger from the box>socket to the PC while the usb-switch is also remaining connected, it will tell you that you do not have enough power;
    You must have the usb-switch connected to PC and the USB charger to the box>socket.
    Or you can avoid that altogether and just plug the usb-switch into an extra charger box instead of using a computer and plug it in with the other charger already plugged in. (Using outlet extension cord for flexibility.)

    2.) While the usb is still plugged into the computer and the charger still plugged in; if you flip the switch off, the phone will die and shut off and then turn on again to constantly reboot. Just flip the switch back to on.
    If the USB is removed from the computer-(extra power supply), it will do the same thing... Just plug it back in. ~


    I found an old phone in my room/LG Optimus S and it had no battery but it has a charger with it and it doesn't boot up without the battery, soooooo... I;

    1.) Ripped off one red and one black wire from an old alarm clock.
    2.) Found a single rechargeable battery.
    3.) Cut some cardboard into the size of the lost battery.
    4.) iSlid both wires inside of the cardboard, bottom to top and placed the black wire/negative, snug on the two copper prongs left side of the four copper prongs in total and then I placed the red wire, snug on the two copper prongs to the right of total.
    Operating the phone;
    A.) I plugged in the phone charger.
    B.) Then I made an off/on switch box for the connection+battery in place.
    C.) I left the switch, "off".
    D.) Switched it to " on".
    E.) It boots up. ~

    All I need to do is repeat a-e(skipping 'b' of course.) for each time that I want to use the phone.

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