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So lately I've been having some force close issues with this process. First my contacts will disappear and my whole sms inbox will just show numbers not names. Then a couple minutes later I'll get a popup saying something like sorry has stopped responding and I will have to force close. But it will keep popping up so I'll have to restart my phone. Now its starting to do it more frequently. Its happened twice today and usually it does it once a day. This all started a few days ago. Any ideas why this is happening? No new apps have been installed and I've done nothing different then usual to cause this.
Hi - I did a quick search on Google using your keywords and found this. I hope it helps.

From: Kman3d Level 1 8/9/10

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Go to settings > Accounts & Sync > (goto your gamil account)
You should see there Sync contacts , Sync Gmail, Sync Calendar.
Try to manually sync each one individually.
See on what item you get the error.
Usally you get this error if you have problem with you Calenadar Sync.
So what you need to do is to clear it's data!
goto Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > find "Calendar Storage"
press the clear data button.
That's it, try to sync again...
(If it's not the calinder that causing the problem then you need to clear the relevent data of the problematic item)

Good luck.