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Force Close Issue with "Go Airborne Infected ROM"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sullyx44, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Sullyx44

    Sullyx44 Lurker
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    Hey, I have been flashing ROM's for a little while now & I have yet to run into any issues until today when I tried to flash this ROM. Using ROM Manager I did Web Connect and downloaded the ROM from the link in this thread to my SD Card and then used "install from SD Card" in ROM Manager. I Backed up my current ROM and Wiped both Cache's. The Back up and Install of the Infected ROM went fine and once my phone booted up, I was in LOVE with this ROM.... Until it 10 minutes later lol. I opened the App Drawer and found Titanium Backup, opened it up & under "Batch Mode" restored "Missing Apps & System Data", which went fine. After this I was prompted to Reboot which I did and as soon as the phone came back on I started getting the following Force Close Issue "android.process.acore" which popped up every few seconds! I very slowly made my way into ROM ToolBox Pro & went under "All Apps" selected all & ran "Fix Permissions" hoping it would stop the Force Close but it did not. I REALLY love the look and style of this ROM(Every ROM I Flash ends up with a Black & Blue Sense Theme). So if anyone could help me in figuring out what I can do to stop this forceclose issue that would be GREATLY appreciated because I am DYING to get this ROM Flashed again and working Properly! Thank you in advance!

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  2. BaadAndy

    BaadAndy Member

    I only "install missing apps and data" then unchecked the ones I do not want any longer, if you install system data you will have issues like you are having most of the time, based on my experience. Boot into recovery and wipe cache and user data reboot and install what apps and data you like, just not system data. some rare times I have had to just install the app without data to keep FC's away. Good luck!

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