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Force closing using camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jugglerbry, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. jugglerbry

    jugglerbry Member
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    Hi all
    Odd thing happened yesterday. I was using the camera mainly to take some videos, but as I was doing this I had about 4 it 5 force close errors for different apps.
    Its not happened before and it hasn't happened today but was wondering if anyone e might be able to shed any light as to why this might have happened ?
    I'm thinking of doing g a factory reset for both this reason and because whenever I restart my phone it seems to take forever so though this might be avoid cure all. Thing is I'm bit sure if this would be a good idea and I can't find the factory reset option in any case lol
    I've also been thinking if rooting and wondered if this would be as good a time as any or should I try and sort these issues out first ?
    Thanks all

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  2. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried taking the battery out for 30 mins then booting the phone up? Sometimes that can help. You could try a factory reset but you'd have to make sure you back up your contacts/sms messages. The contacts should be backed up via Google if they're linked to your Google account. As for SMS there are a few apps in the store that can do that for you. If you need to do a factory reset then goto settings>SD & phone storage>factory reset. Everything on your SD card will be safe but everything else will be wiped. So any apps you've installed will be gone, but you can reinstall them afterwards. As for rooting you could go that way but I'd try the above first and see if you solves your problems. If not come back here and look at the 'All things root guide'. It will explain everything you need to know. If you get stuck then dont be afraid to ask!!
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