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force OTA update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by killernos, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. killernos

    killernos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    guys, u can easily get your phone updated by following procedure below couple of times (for me it worked after 6th try had to run ota rootkeeper an use temp unroot to work):

    Settings > Apps > All > Google Framework Services > Clear Data > Force Stop > Settings > About phone > System updates > Check now

    enjoy :smokingsomb::rock:

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  2. Any idea what the update did? It said it was a 100mb update. I had like 400mb of free space on my phone before the upate and now I only have 49mb.
  3. killernos

    killernos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This is from lgs website


    We are pleased to announce the software upgrade to D50010h is now available for the LG Optimus F6. This software upgrade includes important enhancements to improve performance.

    Disclaimer: Actual network speeds depend on network availability, coverage levels, tasks, file characteristics, applications and other factors. Performance may be impacted by transmission limitations, terrain, in-building/in-vehicle use and capacity constraints.

    P.S. I know people were saying that depending on what program they used, it would show different amounts pf space they had so lg might have fixed to show according
  4. screenname

    screenname Member

    I received my F6 last Friday and have it unlocked and rooted in no time. After that, I got a system software update notice and went ahead with the update. According to the phone, the system software is at MS50010e. Install OTA rootkeeper and manually check system SF update, it downloaded over 100MB of data. Click restart & install. After the phone restart, it did seems to update the software but when I check System settings -> About phone -> Software Information, it shows MS50010e. I assume 10e is not the latest, is there a way to check the installation log to see what went wrong with the update?
  5. hugerichman

    hugerichman Well-Known Member

    I never received an update and i dont know how to update with ota?
  6. tony_duane

    tony_duane Well-Known Member

    So is ms50010i the 4.1.2?

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