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Ford SYNC owners REJOICE!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ChiefIlliniwek5, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. ChiefIlliniwek5

    Thread Starter

    As far as I know (and I could be wrong), almost no Verizon phone has ever allowed the Ford SYNC system to read text messages out loud which is one of the features the SYNC system boasts. For some reason Verizon has always blocked this on their phones. BUT...I received a text message on my Bionic from a friend this evening while driving and low and behold...IT SHOWED ME A NOTIFICATION ON MY DASH! I hit the "OK" button for it to read the text out loud and it worked! THANK YOU VERIZON FOR NOT BEING NAZIS ANYMORE!

    Anyone else with a Ford SYNC system needs to try this to confirm I'm not alone or that it wasn't a glitch.

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  2. FunkyJunk

    FunkyJunk Newbie

    I'm not so sure about that, my DX has done that in my Mustang since the day I bought it.
  3. Inadequate

    Inadequate Lurker

    My Raptor has Sync and would read messages from my D1 and D2.
  4. Travisimo

    Travisimo Android Enthusiast

    I haven't tried that yet, but on a related note, I cannot get the phone to automatically connect to Sync when I turn on my car. I have to manually connect it each time. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. wkmaylish

    wkmaylish Lurker

    The bionic is working with my 2012 Focus.

    The Ford Sync text messaging feature should work with any phone that has the messaging access profile (MAP) turned on for bluetooth. According to my research the bionic has the following profiles turned on:
    • Headset (HSP)
    • Handsfree (HFP)
    • Dial-up networking (DUN)
    • Object Push (OPP)
    • Human Interface Device (HID)
    • Generic Audio/Video Distribution (GAVDP)
    • Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP)
    • Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
    • Personal Area Networking Profile (PAN)
    • Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol (AVDTP)
    • Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol (AVCTP)
    • Phone Book Access (PBAP)
    • Message Access Profile (MAP)
    My focus will read new text messages but for some reason I have to download them through the MyFord Touch phone settings. I havent been able to get them to automatically download unless I have new messages and I am just getting in my car.
  6. ralar

    ralar Lurker

    YAY! I've been waiting for a phone that will sync with my 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. My OG Droid works for phone calls, but not texting. Heading to Costco when I'm done working at 3:00. My local Costco had 5 phones at 1:30. I'm hoping at least one is still there when I arrive.
  7. RARE 5.0

    RARE 5.0 Member

    It works on my 2010 focus SES to. Its awesome never worked on my thunder bolt :D
  8. ChiefIlliniwek5

    Thread Starter

    That is so strange how the text reading feature has worked for some, but not others. It never worked for my LG enV2 (verizon) nor my OG Droid (verizon) and all of the web searches always came up with the answer that Verizon blocked this feature on their phones so that is why I was excited to hear that it worked on my Bionic. Weird.
  9. pbj84

    pbj84 Newbie

    Yes, I noticed the same. My OG Droid > Ford Sync no reading of text messages.

    First day with the Bionic while driving and receiving a text message, envelope icon showed on the dash. I tried giving voice command to [read message], and it worked.
  10. Inadequate

    Inadequate Lurker

    FWIW I think it's more of a SYNC issue than a Verizon one. Mine will send and recieve texts but tell me that it failed to send the text everytime. The texts go through just fine. My Sync also fails to recognize 95% of the cd's I put in it even though I can put them into another sync equiped vehicle and they read just fine. My Ford dealer is no help they they just updated it and said they have no idea.
  11. jeliggett

    jeliggett Lurker

    I have 100% of the Motorola Bionic phone and Ford Sync functions.

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