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Ford Sync with Phone/Media/Nav

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by superpoppa, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. superpoppa

    superpoppa Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a 2010 F150 with sync and currently i use:
    ipod connected via USB for music
    blackberry connected via bluetooth for phone
    garmin connected via power for nav
    I am planning on buying the samsung captivate when rogers releases it and a car dock and what I am wondering is if I put the phone in a car dock and connect only to USB and pair it to blue tooth, will I be able to make calls, play music, use the maps/nav all using sync? Because I notice when i try to play music via bluetooth sync doesnt have full voice control and when i hook up my ipod via usb the ford logo takes over and i cant control the device unless its through sync. So it seems like the phone to do all three is a bit unlikely. Holy crap that was long winded... sorry... i appreciate any input...

  2. Terry S

    Terry S Member

    You can use the phone through Bluetooth and the music through the USB, I haven't been able to get it to "tell" it to play a song though, I have to actually select the song or playlist from the phone. And yes as long as you set it to media, the navigation from the phone does talk over the car. The other benefit is the phone charges on the USB.
  3. superpoppa

    superpoppa Lurker
    Thread Starter

    it sounds like you have the phone and media all streaming over bluetooth and just charging via usb because you should be able to voice command the media using sync if its using the usb connection. i guess the question is when the phone is connected via usb and you have voice control for your music (usb mounted and sync is active), are you still able to use the device and open apps and stuff.
  4. bajabenedik

    bajabenedik Lurker

    This is my experience using an Android phone with Ford Sync.

    Vehicle: 2010 Ford Flex
    Phone: Samsung Epic 4G running Android v2.1 and 32GB SDHC card

    I have connected my android phone to a USB cable and was able to play music using voice commands via Sync with no problems. I was able to say "USB" and it would connect and I could then say "Play all" or specify a specific artist or song and it would play properly. It would also pause when I received a phone call and after the call it would resume where it left off.

    However, last night I decided to copy ALL my mp3 songs to my android and I now have 20GB worth of songs on my 32GB SDHC card. Now playing music via USB in my Ford Flex is very inconsistent. When I connect my phone to Sync, I tell it to use "Mass Storage" mode when asked. Then I tell Sync to go to "USB" and most of the time it says there is no USB device available. After disconnecting and reconnecting several times, it will finally find my android phone but then it says it has to index the device which can take several minutes. After that it plays as normal. But when I power off my Flex and rehook up my phone at a later time, I have to go through the whole process again of trying to get Sync to see my android phone. Maybe there's too much data on the card and Sync is having problems reading all that data.

    Prior to copying all my songs onto my android device, it would connect without any problems to USB using "Mass Storage" or just "Charging" mode and play my songs. Now I'm frustrated that it's inconsistent and doesn't work like I hoped it would.

    I would be interested in hearing experiences of other people with Ford Sync and android phones. If anybody has any tips they would be much appreciated.
  5. bajabenedik

    bajabenedik Lurker

    I forgot to mention from a previous reply that when connected via USB and playing music, I can still use the phone for other things.
  6. Buddha64

    Buddha64 Android Enthusiast

    I've Sync'd my Captivate in my 2010 Escape.

    No problem with bluetooth connection, downloading the phonebook, making calls, etc., so far.

    Playing media files through USB doesn't seem to be an issue either - so long as the USB is mounted - but I only have an 8GB SD card.

    Have to check if I can do both at the same time with my Captivate - make a call via bluetooth while listening to music on the USB (of course, Sync pauses/mutes music when I receive a call).

    I haven't tried any Nav given the issues I have with the GPS, and AT&T charging a monthly fee for their Nav. app.

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