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"Forgetting Ringtones?" on Incredible

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cubswin, May 28, 2010.

  1. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else experiencing this one? I chose an mp3 ringtone ("Here Come the Hawks," you Blackhawk fans out there), and set it. It works properly when I receive phone calls. But, when I power the phone down and restart it later, it has forgotten my ring tone and uses a default one, instead. Why? Also, when I power down/turn back on, the HTC mail widget forgets which mail account I chose for it. Anything I can do about this? Thanks!:thinking:

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  2. tvn300

    tvn300 Newbie

    Mine is not a MP3 ringetone, but I've selected a default ringtone and a couple different (but standard) ringtones for certain people in my phone book, and the individually selected ring tones never work! Everything on my Incredible comes up with the default ringer.
  3. Emoney53

    Emoney53 Well-Known Member

    bump im having this same problem too for some reason i think its because i dont have an sd card yet im waiting on the 32gig to come down in price and figured the 8 gib onboard should hold me over till then. do you guys have sd cards? i have a feeling it doesnt save your setting because it normaly saves setttings like that to the sd card.. anyone got some ideas?
  4. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Original Poster here... Stopped by a Verizon-owned store on Friday. Tech checked a few forums, including a VzW-internal forum and he said this was a known issue, including some phones forgetting Bluetooth pairings... Although a known issue, there is no fix out there, so far. Possibly something will show up in a future OTA update... Please let us know if anyone hears anything!
  5. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert

    I had the same problem. When I did a careful search I found I had more than one entry for a name. The default one over rode the one I wanted. I deleted the extra entry and it works great !
  6. luv4mydog

    luv4mydog Lurker

    Solved my ringtone problem by uninstalling task manager.
  7. cubswin

    cubswin Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Which Task Manager were you using/you uninstalled? Thanks!
  8. Emoney53

    Emoney53 Well-Known Member

    i've never used a task manager
  9. tluv00

    tluv00 Android Enthusiast

    Same here but I am using SystemPanel. Is that causing the issue?
  10. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    If you kill the 'People' application with a Task Manager, Task Killer, etc then personalized ring tones will not function properly. You can use System Panel to verify whether People is running or not.

    To those having issues while having People running, sorry, but I haven't encountered any other issues with personalized ring tones aside from, in this case, user error of ending the process.
  11. mach330

    mach330 Well-Known Member

    i've had similar issues. for me, i think the problem was the sd card. not the sd card per say, but sometimes when i reboot my phone or take out my sd card (where my ringtones are), i use astro and i can't view the sd card. whenever i have this problem it's usually because i can't see the sd card. so i just unplug/plug the sd card again or pull battery. so then i started to copy my ringtones to my phone memory so i won't have this issue. so far so good. not sure if this is my fix,.
  12. iwantwaffles

    iwantwaffles Lurker

    I went into my local vzw store on 5/3 because i was due for an upgrade. I immediately told the man helping me I wanted the droid incredible. They were out of stock, but the man said the warehouse had thousands just sitting around. He told me I could pay now and receive the phone in a matter of days. I obviously wasn't going to let that stop me, so I payed the man. I recieved my incredible on 5/7

    Within five days I had my droid incredible when the store was obviously out. FIVE DAYS! OUT OF STOCK! BULL#$%! These phones are just sitting in the warehouses. Go to your local vzw store and pay for the phone! They'll ship it to you.
  13. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    They were sold out online over a week after you did this. Inventory changes with time.
  14. Musky

    Musky Android Expert

    How does this have to do with the "missing ringtone" issue? :thinking:
  15. luv4mydog

    luv4mydog Lurker

    I was using Advanced Task Manager
  16. I had the same problems. Chose an mp3, used the "trim" option to get an 8 second piece of that mp3 just the way I wanted it, then set as ringtone. Phone "forgets" about this ringone. I don't think I even powered down - I think I went on vibrate then changed back to ring after a few hours. Known bug from the sound of it? Does Task Manager have anything to do with this really?
  17. Emoney53

    Emoney53 Well-Known Member

    No I never used atk or systempanel and I have the same problem.... not really sure what the cause of it is

    Edit: fix the problem. Moved all the files from trimmer file and made a folder called ringtones and put them In there after. That I deleted the trimmed file and now it works fine
  18. CtK4949

    CtK4949 Newbie

    i had the same problem and it sometimes was the SD card not being mounted after a restart or something.
  19. tvn300

    tvn300 Newbie

    Yup, deleted "Advanced Task Killer" and the ringtones work! Then installed "Task Manager" and that allows selective app kills AND the ringtones still work. Finally!
  20. Mefesto44

    Mefesto44 Lurker

    I've had the same problem as you. Selecting normal ringtones and music works fine, but when you trim the MP3 it seems to forget it even without restarting. I'm also going to try removing ATK and see if that helps.
  21. MTC

    MTC Well-Known Member

    where did you find the trimmed files? On your sd card? I can't find mine anywhere and I don't know how to search my phone storage for them.
  22. alvakicker

    alvakicker Lurker

    ive had the same problem with the trimmed ringtones not working and it was really bothering me. but i found a solution that worked for me. i downloaded ringdroid, trimmed the song i wanted to, then instead of setting the new trimmed ringtone as a ringtone i set the type to music. then i went into the default music app, and in your music library there will be "ringdroid" in the artist section. long press "ringdroid" and you will have the option to play it. play it then push menu, set as ringtone, then set as phone ringtone or contact ringtone. ive turned off my phone a couple times to make sure its still my ringtone and it is! works for me. its stupid that this is what i have to do for my incredible, but it works for now until they fix it with an update. hope this helps!

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