Root Forgive the noob question- WiFi hotspot


Does it cost anything, or will Verizon know if I use the WiFi hotspot after I root?

Thanks in advance


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no it does not cost anything but, watch your data usage and keep it under 5gig to avoid getting flagged. It is a violation of the TOS to do this.


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It doesn't cost anything persay, but if you have a limited data plan (as opposed to an unlimited one) it will use alot more data then you may be used to.

And yes Verizon has the ability to tell if you are tethering, and can back charge you via a hefty per mb fee. Are they likely to do this? no probably not. It happens very very infrequently, we don't believe that Verizon as a matter of policy does checks on your account for potential unauthorized tethering but it is within the realm of possibility.