Help Format android to join internal memory partitions?


I have searched around the net but not really finding exact problems nor solution related to mine.

I have a tablet which should have 8gb of internal memory but the problem is that it have divided memory onto 2 partitions as data storage and internal storage and i have lack of space on my data storage as its only 1gb while other partition uses rest of the internal storage.

So i cant install any more apps as my data storage is full while second partition is almost empty.

I have actually tried to flash emmc and new android but i got the same partition sizes.

My device is BlueBerry Netcat M-28, this should be rebranded chinese Cube tablet as i know. Anyway the model is from 2014 and uses:

Android 4.2.2 Baseband version MOLY.WR8.W1315 Kernel version 3.4.5 build Jan 2014 HKT(i guess this is hong kong time)

Mediatek ARM Dual Core MT8312 1.2GHz


Android Expert
It might be possible to re-partition your tablet to allow more space or apps IF the right tools are available to root it. That's doubtful for a Chinese tablet. Even if you get it rooted re-partitioning is difficult and should only be attempted by very experienced users. Also, to make space in one place you must lose space in another, so it's a trade-off. Better to get rid of any space-hogging apps or...get a better tablet.