Mar 22, 2016
I have been led to believe that the SD Cards in both my devices can be formatted as INTERNAL STORAGE but have not found confirmation of this or how to do it. My devices are (a) Xiamoi Redmi MiNote 7 phone with Android 10 and (b) Samsung GalaxyTab A tablet with Android 7. Information and advice would be appreciated
Well support for formatting microSD cards was added to the base Android operating system back in 2015 with Marshmallow (vers. 6.x) so it's an integral function in the OS but not every manufacturer enables it in their phones. Don't bother looking for it in your Galaxy Tab A, Samsung doesn't enable it their products. Don't know about Xiaomi though, as @ocnbrze suggested to you, look in your Settings >> Storage menu to see if the option for Portable and Internal are there. It really does vary a lot because some manufacturers will allow it in some models and not others, or not at all. A lot of Motorola phones do, but not all.