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Former iPhone fanboy, who has finally chosen to take off the blinders!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by miamiborn79, Dec 27, 2011.

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    I'm a 32 year old tech geek (Love tech, but still learning) that has an obsession with gadgets. Before the iPhone I would buy a new phone every 6 or so months because I'd get bored. Back then, Nokia was my drug of choice as they made the best hardware for the money, and ruled in every aspect except for operating system. I was all about specs back then and it wasn't until the iphone came out and blew me away with it's butter smooth user interface that I realized that specs werent everything. Even then, had I not discovered the world of jailbreaking, the iPhone and I would have parted ways ages ago. I had my iphone 4 pimped out just about every way shape and form that you could imagine and towards the end it could hardly even be considered an iPhone except for the hardware. But I started having Android envy with the HTC EVO which is right around the time Android really hit it's stride. It wen't from a clunky, yet decent competitor to ios, to a real contender to take over. I liked what I saw and the direction android was heading. I think the last straw for me was the iphone dropping the ball with the 4s. I was ready to drop the big bucks on the iPhone 5, but had been following the evolution of Android all year and particuarly the Samsung Galaxy 2. It to me was the most well rounded phone, and I figured if the iPhone didn't step it up, I might have to import one over here like I had in the past with my high end Nokia's. I didn't realize that the major phone companies were going to start taking top end devices like that phone and offer them up, but I am glad to see that trend happening as in years past you had to pay big money to get the top of the line phones unlocked because the phone companies in the states just never bothered to subsidize such products. Well, after the disapointment of the iPhone 4s, and the announcement of the galaxy s2 coming to the states, I jumped at the opportunity to join the Android world although to be honest, I was a little scared. Although I knew the phone blew the iPhone away specs wise, it was the interface experience that kept me a loyal iPhone user for many years. I'm proud to say that the advancements of Google in the past couple years has been ASTONISHING! My galaxy s2 (Sprint branded) is every bit as buttery smooth as my iPhone and with NO glitches and I couldn't be happier! I am an avid reader of Android Forums and the info it provides is awesome! Thank you for turning an x-fanboy on to the reality that Android is only getting better, and if iPhone doesn't bring it's A-game with the iPhone 5, it may be in some trouble. It is an awesome operating system only getting better (from what I've seen of ICS) and the future phones in the horizon (Kal-EL) look insane! If the Galaxy Nexus comes to sprint, I may buy it to switch back and forth because the HD screen looks delicious, but am a bit disappointed with the camera. Either way, thanks for having such an awesome community for info, and I look forward to reading the articles each and every day. Cheers!


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