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Forum Changelog (3/8/2016)

Discussion in 'Site Updates & Announcements' started by Phases, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Phases

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    Ok so we've made a couple changes to the forum that many may notice so, I realized at this juncture that I haven't been doing a good job of notifying everyone, or even staff for that matter, of changes that are made. Well, there's not been a whole lot lately to mention but, let's start it off again - here - with this latest round.

    So some of you have noticed the reply button missing in posts. It's explained on the link I just gave but, basically we're attempted to clean up some of the noise and business with this change. A reply button seriously just isn't needed on every single post on a thread, it seems strange at this point. So, what we've done is remove it, and place a "Reply" button at the top left of threads, that then jumps you down to the quick reply box if you click it.

    The +Quote system can be used to accomplish this function still, but slightly more cumbersome. Since we are considering removing the quote function altogether (that's not unanimous) it seems almost a good idea to make it slightly more work to do it.

    Which, brings me to my next point. You'll note in the news forum (click news at the very top) that not only is the reply button gone, but so is the quote. This is a test run we agreed to do partly because we couldn't agree to remove it site-wide and, well, it'll make the comment system of the Early Bird app we are developing much easier to use.

    SO! My point in this thread is two part. One, to mention these two changes but two, to start this thread off. I will try to keep it updated as we make changes , change the date in the title to reflect when we do, update the OP and also post a reply.


  2. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    Thanks for the changelog... It's a really good idea and it is appreciated...

    ... That said please don't remove the quote function. Its needed sometimes to establish who is replying to what, and avoids a lot of confusion. If you remove it completely then you no longer have a forum, just a news blog with a basic comment system.

    If you want to be a news blog (with basic comments) that's fine, I'll still read you, but I'll probably end up quoting you as a reference in discussions on somebody else's forum, and that would make me rather sad.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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  3. Hadron

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    Yes, "quote" can be very useful if you are not replying to the post immediately above yours, or just to make your reply easier to read by selectively quoting the particular point you are replying to (yes, OK, I can drag and paste and add my own quote tags, but I'm not going to do that when replying from a phone - or not often).

    Or quotes are removed to the point where I can't even add my own tags, then what? I copy a relevant bit of someone else's text into my post and try to find my own way of indicating that this is a quote (which will be less clear than the current quote box). Or I expect everyone to scroll back up the thread to work out which bit of the post (or of which post) I'm referring to?
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  4. gotoo86

    gotoo86 Lurker

    Why didn't you notify your users for data loss, 745.155 user emails and other informations has leaked online. And what if someone using the same password as on this forum??
  5. nerobornab

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