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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Antwnis, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Antwnis

    Antwnis Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 25, 2010
    Hello there,
    I have htc magic android 1.5 with sense ui.That was installed when I bought my phone.I found out that this rom is used by htc hero.So,for firmware upgrades should I look for to hero forum?And in firmwares 1.6+ do they have sense ui? Thank you once again


  2. Currently the HTC Magic has Android 1.5 installed on it, some with Sense and some without depending on the carrier. I don't think that the Sense ROM from the Hero would be compatible with the Magic and unless you have a rooted phone you wouldn't even be able to try flashing it anyway.

    HTC will not be making an Android 1.6 ROM for the Magic, they did do one for the Google branded MT3G but will not be making one for the HTC branded devices. They are however working on an Android 2.1 for at least some carriers.

    In Canada, Rogers will be getting this ROM from HTC reportadly before the end of June for testing. I however couldn't tell you about any other carriers that may or may not be getting this update.
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Hi there! Just to let you know the HTC Magic originally come with Android 1.5 but was update to 1.6 officially.

    To date, I haven't heard of ANY HTC Magics coming installed with the Sense UI so I believe when you bought your phone someone has obviously rooted the handset and changed ROM's!

    Check out All Things Root - Android Forums and discover how to change ROM's etc. There are many ROM's available including cyanogen etc.

  4. The HTC Magic+ from Rogers Wireless in Canada does come with Android 1.5 and HTC Sense installed and has been shipped that way since the E911 update in January.

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