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Forward calls to Google Voice on Gnex?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SFBayArea, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I will be traveling outside of the country in the next three days. Since I am traveling on the cruise I will have WiFi access all the time, but no phone services. I was wondering if I can transfer calls that people make to my cellphone number into Google Voice?
    I understand that "GrooVe IP" will allow me to use GV via WiFi, but I cannot find how to set up a phone so when I am not answering my cell number the call to go into my GVoice and I can pick up phone call via GVoice?

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  2. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    Check the google voice help menus, All my calls go to google VM normally. I "think" all you have to is download the GV app and it will set-up VM when you go through the set-up menu. (its been 2 years since I did the intial set-up so YMMV)

    Note: have fun on the Cruise! I just got back from one :)

    Note 2: I don't if you've looked into the ship's WiFi but its EXTREMELY expensive. I was on Princess and it was 4.95 to set-up and 75 cents a MINUTE. Yes that's a minute... So be aware.

    Note 3: Antigua has a couple bars right of the ship that have free WiFi :p
  3. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the input. Few things though, I think you are referring to Google Voice message in your reply, I already have this set up on my phone (I installed GVoice app on the phone). I however, interested in phone calls to be forwarded from my mobile number into google number. "Google Voice help" and other sites been mostly advertising that you give out your GVoice number and when people call your GVoice number it rings your cell, home or any other phone. In my case I want people to call my cell number, but call is to be forwarded/routed to my GVoice number so I can pick up the call when I am purely on data connection (WiFi).

    I was trying to find just simply "call forward" function on the phone, thinking that by entering my GVoice number there it will do the trick, but so far I failed to find "call forward" feature on this phone.
  4. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about regular verizon call forwarding?

    *72 then your google voice number? I dont know if that accomplishes the task, but that's how to institute call forwarding with verizon.

    dial *72then your number, press the call button.

    dial *73 to cancel.

    Calling Features: Call Forwarding

    I will try it myself. I am still not sure it will forward to GV via data.
  5. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! That is a start, but I am too not sure if it will work. I am on Verizon, but found page from ATT customer and ATT service manager responded that the phone has to be on the ATT network in order to forward calls. I fear same thing is true for Verizon. I will try it though.
  6. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    :-(, I just checked it out. I put the phone in the Airplane mode and activated WiFi connection. As soon as I dialed in the call got transferred into VM.

    Maybe anyone knows of any other Data Call Apps?
  7. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    Just to verify. You forwarded to your GV number. You called your cell from a different phone?
  8. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    Just forward to GV in the settings of the phone.

    Simple. I do this all the time and it works great!
  9. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes, this is exactly what I did.
  10. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What do you mean by "just forward to GV in the settings of the phone"? I used this Verizon funtion: dial *72then your number, press the call button to do the forward and it didn't work (see my previous post on this thread).
    When you do forwarding to your GV do you still have a cellular connection? If so that is the problem, place I am going to be will not have cellular connection, only WiFi data connection.
  11. rfox54

    rfox54 Newbie

    Set it up on voice.google.com; not on the phone

    Set up Google voicemail for your mobile number

    Google Voice Lite lets you set up Google voicemail for your mobile phone number. This allows you to have all your voicemail in one place, with transcriptions, access to your past voicemails, and voicemail sharing options.
    If you'd like to set up Google voicemail for your mobile number, follow the steps below:

    1. Click the gear icon link at the top right corner of the page. [​IMG]
    2. Click Voice settings.
    3. Click Add another phone and enter a name and the number for your mobile phone.
    4. Click Save.
    5. You will be prompted to verify your phone number. Click Connect and Google Voice will call your phone and you need to verify it by entering the code that appears in the 'Verify your Phone' pop-up window.
    6. Once you've verified your phone, you'll have to choose your mobile carrier from the drop-down menu.
    7. Follow the directions on the next screen and enter the code provided as if you were calling someone. Press the 'Call' button on your phone to finish setting up Google voicemail for your mobile phone.
    If you need to deactivate Google voicemail for your phone at any time, click the Deactivate voicemail link and follow the instructions provided.
    If you're a Verizon Wireless user click here If you are having trouble configuring Google Voice as your voicemail service on Verizon you can make the switch manually by dialing these three activation codes:

    • *71[Your Google Voice number]
    • *90[Your Google Voice number]
    • *92[Your Google Voice number]
  12. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    rfox54, I guess you did not read what I am trying to accomplish with the Google Voice.

    First I already have my mobile number added to GV.
    Second, I want GV to pick up calls from my mobile phone. People will be calling my cellphone over the New Year times and I will not have cellular connection. However, I will have data connection hence, my goal is for the call forwarding to be happening from the mobile number to Google Voice (not just Voicemail).
    I know I can always use Skype over WiFi to dial in any number as long as I have some credit there and data connection. It is the other way around, I need to find solution how to answer phone when people will be calling my cell and all I have is data connection.
  13. efdisaster

    efdisaster Well-Known Member

    All I've ever done is the *71 because that's what it's prompted me to do. What aren't I setting up by not doing *90 & *92?
  14. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    I didn't even have to do that, the GV setup said it wouldn't work with my carrier, but I think that's a disclaimer. It's worked every time with that message over several new phones.

    Which version is everyone talking about? Mine is clear in my "device" field.
  15. rfox54

    rfox54 Newbie

    ef - I have no idea, I just cut and paste from GV help section

    sf - so what you are trying to do is:
    1) forward the cell calls to GV,
    2) forward the GV call back to your cell in a foreign land to avoid charges?

    If that is correct, it is definitely challenging and very creative. Have you tried using *72 to forward all calls from your cell to GV, and having GV set to forward all calls to your cell?

    Sorry about not following the initial thread; I was confused until yesterday about how to get GV as voicemail on my Nexus and thought you were having the same problem.
    Enjoy the trip
  16. SFBayArea

    SFBayArea Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes, you right, however, if I am running GV on my Nexus, why do I need to forward call from GV to my phone? I only need to ensure that I can answer GV from my phone when it is connected to WiFi data without Cell connection.
  17. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    I understand what your trying to do. Given the limitation of VZW fowarding(that's weird btw, i don't have time to test your findings though) Although somewhat convoluted you "could" transfer your number to a "old " VZW then put it on call forwarding to your GV number and take your GN with you :)

    Now that I think about it, I understand WHY they need your phone on their network, its so the can charge you "airtime" minutes even if you have your calls forwarded...

    note: my warning about WiFi cost on ships. Also most ships now have cell service (you'd have to check if they support VZW CDMA) that might actually be cheaper in the long run then trying to forward the calls then pay high WiFi costs...
  18. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    ok, I have tried to make this work, and it wont. No can do. GV is not SIP or VOIP. It just manages your calls to your existing numbers, carrier signal required to make/take calls from the phone. There is no problem using gmail, tied to your GV number to make and receive calls from your computer. But not from a phone. If this would work like on a computer, it would be great.

    Without going into ALL the variations of what I tried, I used my old D2 on wifi. I called my GV number. GV app would tell me that someone had called, but there was no way to see the call in progress, much less actually answer. I tried the same from the browser, logged into gmail and gv. No way to receive a call, but I actually made one from gv. I was in desktop mode on both gmail and gv.

    The only easy way I can see you accomplishing what you want to do is skype. Skype works great on my GNex, and even works on my D2. To forward cell calls to skype, you will have to buy a subscription to a skype online number. I checked, it was $18 for 3 months and $60 for 12 months.

    You would forward your vzw number with *72 to your skype online number. Keep skype running on your phone, and answer it with the voice button. At that point, it should be like a normal call if your on board wifi is good. I think the skype online number comes with a voicemail, as well.

    I hope this helps. I will remember this if I am ever in your situation.
  19. Crude

    Crude Android Expert

    There is a way to do it using a gizmo5 account and sipdroid I believe. Gizmo5 hasn't been open to new subscribers for a very long time though and I don't have the information on hand. I remember reading about it a couple years ago. I'm a pretty techie guy, but those instruction where mind boggling.

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