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Forza 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by RossLH, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. RossLH

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    Nov 8, 2009

    Nov 8, 2009
    Picked this up last weekend, and it really does live up to the hype, and then some. The soundtrack is a bit....unfavorable, but I can always just plug my external HD into the 360 and play my own music from there. Also, even though I've installed BOTH disks to the hard drive, the load times are consistently long.

    Aside from all that, the game play is amazing. Season play is a great addition to the Forza series, and the car leveling system is a very smart way to get people to drive a variety of cars--these modern racing games allow you to choose from hundreds of cars, but the average player might end up using maybe 10 of them on a regular basis. The quick upgrade option is not for me, but for players looking to do some, well, quick upgrading to optimize their cars for a predetermined class, this is a great option. I personally prefer to dial in all my upgrades and tuning myself.

    Overall, great gameplay. Its going to take a LONG time for me to complete the 1-player mode, and on top of that, theres LIVE play and some replay value. Definitely a must have game if you're into racing games.

    Pros: Great gameplay, great selection of cars, massive 1-player mode, quick upgrade, etc.
    Cons: AI drives like a pack of angry teenagers, bad soundtrack, long loading times

    Anyone else get a chance to play this yet?


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