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FoxFi (hotspot usage)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dagold, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. dagold

    dagold Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This is strange. Installed Foxfi on new Sprint htc evo 4g lte. Go to Foxfi and Check Activate Wifi Hotspot. Shows a different network Name on my IPAD. I put


  2. mak916

    mak916 Android Expert

  3. ryder4321

    ryder4321 Newbie

    I have Foxfi installed on my eltevo. I am able to connect my ipad2 with no issues. From what I've researched, the downside is the security future is not working on our phone. So pretty much use at your own risk.
  4. mak916

    mak916 Android Expert

    I did not know it worked on the LTEvo. That's good to know. But maybe the security thing will work in a future update. Have you tried contacting the developer?
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  5. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Member

    I sent an email to Foxfi. They are aware that their App works with the EVO LTE and that we are unable to encrypt the signal. They are working on a fix.
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  6. Edshore

    Edshore Lurker

    FoxFi is not listed in Play Store for my Sprint EVO LTE. When I check online it is not available for the LTE. My phone is not rooted. Is there another way to download FoxFi. The Play Store only has FoxFi AddOn as an option for download.
  7. Skid71

    Skid71 Member

    i believe upon Sprint's request, it was removed from the play store.
    It's my understanding you can download Foxfi through the Amazon AppStore.

    Give it a shot
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  8. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    The official foxfi web site allows you to download it directly. You'll need to allow the installation of 3rd party apps on your phone.

    FoxFi - Turn Android into free WiFi Hotspot (no root)
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  9. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Member

    ....or you can put your phone in airplane mode, turn on wiFi, then download it from the Play Store.
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  10. I've tried FoxFi, Wireless Tether and OpenGarden. I have been able to connect my home PC to all three, but because the phone (I'm assuming) is making the signal an Ad-Hoc network, my work laptop won't allow me to connect. Is there a way to change the settings so it is just a wireless signal?
  11. imaginess

    imaginess Lurker

    I noticed it was not available on the google play store. You can get FoxFi from the amazon app store. I havent really played with it to see if it is working
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  12. dagold

    dagold Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Received this email today from Foxfi.

    "This issue is now fixed in version 1.91."
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  13. SmoovC

    SmoovC Newbie

    I confirmed that it does work on my non-rooted EVO 4G LTE. Renamed the network and password, and connected to my Xoom tablet...... like a champ!
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  14. Fixed my Ad-Hoc issue using FoxFi. Slow though. When is LTE coming to the 6th largest metro area? Maybe there's still a chance 4G will make it?
  15. dr g

    dr g Android Enthusiast

    I cannot seem to find 1.91, where is it?
  16. SmoovC

    SmoovC Newbie

    FoxFi Installer
  17. Sauske

    Sauske Android Enthusiast

    Even though Sprint had this app removed, when you put it back on your phone, will Sprint be able to tell what your doing sense the phone is not rooted!?
  18. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    The app provides a proxy server to mask internet traffic originating from the tethered devices. But you will need to specify the proxy server on each device that is tethered to your phone.
  19. Sauske

    Sauske Android Enthusiast

    So it wouldn't do it automatically for you!? I'm rooted already, I'm debating whether it would be easier to root my bothers fone or just install FoxFi, as the tethering feature his is only concern!
  20. bupolo

    bupolo Android Enthusiast

    Do you guys really need to use FoxFi for the LTE? I've been playing with mine (got it on Saturday, GIGGITY) and it has the hotspot feature. I messed around with it, expecting to get that Sprint warning "You don't have this feature available to you" and it didn't pop up, and I was able to send out a WiFi signal. Does it not work, or does it stop working after awhile?
  21. luvmynad

    luvmynad Member

    I believe the first 30 days of owning the phone that the hotspot feature on the phone is free and after that the fees apply. That has been the case with the OG Evo and Photon.
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  22. WifiMaxed

    WifiMaxed Android Enthusiast

    FoxFi reported as being nerf'd by Sprint :p Anyone seeing this on LTEvo yet? If that is the case, dang Sprint is fast!
  23. I haven't been able to use FoxFi with any type of reliability. I've tried it several times and it will work for 20 seconds, then reset. Repeat over and over.

    Has any other tethering been working with factory set up or rooted either one?
  24. wi11iamcody

    wi11iamcody Lurker

    How do I set my proxy server address on my computer?
  25. darkleafar

    darkleafar Member

    So after updating to jelly bean, one of the first things I noticed is that every time I turn on my foxfi it now triggers sprint mobile hotspot to on automatically. This makes me a bit afraid of using it. So, my questions:
    1. There is no data fees warnings or anything when sprint mobile hotspot switches to on. Does that mean that it doesn't cost money or does it mean sprint is a sneaky little bastard?
    2. If I turn off sprint mobile hotspot right after it turns itself on but leave foxfi on would I be safe?
    3. If foxfi simply doesn't work anymore, what are my alternatives other than rooting?

    I'm on my way to a getaway trip so hopefully one of you kind folks has some kinda answer before we arrive at the hotel. Thanks .


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