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FPse is HERE!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by danlindeman, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. danlindeman

    danlindeman Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Android Expert

    I'll just keep using the free PSx emulator, thanks though! What does this one do that makes it worth almost $5?
  3. RMM

    RMM Member

    This emulator is FAST and ACCURATE! I bought psx4droid v2 just because I wanted to support zods effort but this blows it OUT OF THE WATER. It runs every game I've tried full speed ... some of which (like metal slug x) wouldn't even run on psx4droid. I have been very disappointed with psx4droid and there hasn't been any updates i'm what seems like forever.

    Now for the downside... the on screen controls kind of suck. Multi touch doesn't seem to be working yet. Hopefully they can get that fixed asap. I'm going to try it with my wiimote and classic controler in the morning.

    Also, my settings don't seem to stick once I close the program. What's up with that?
  4. danlindeman

    danlindeman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    From what I understand, he just wanted to get it out there. He has been working on the sound for awhile, but the actual gameplay is SOLID. I mean, 1:1 really. With PSX4Droid, FFVIII cant even get to the world map, and most other games would slow to a crawl. This one doesnt, its great. The developer is a lot more involved as well.

    Also, this utilizes a devices GPU, rather than place all the strain on the CPU. That's why you get such smooth playback.
  5. RMM

    RMM Member

    Update: the wiimote works perfectly with this! But since the settings don't stick you're forced to re map every time you want to use it.
  6. jcash3

    jcash3 Android Enthusiast

    Anyone try this on the Droid X? I've been dying to play Destruction Derby and didn't want to take the plunge on an emulator until I knew that it would work with a ton of games.

    Edit: Just noticed that this in the Droid X forum... Answers my question right there
  7. danlindeman

    danlindeman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have this and the games are running beautifully. The sound needs improvement, but you cant beat the gameplay
  8. Amaroth

    Amaroth Android Enthusiast

    can anyone tell me if road rash works? :) i dont think any pc emulator could ever do it :(
  9. dabomb224

    dabomb224 Android Enthusiast

    Respectfully, I must disagree. I tried this out with FF7 last night on my Droid X, and while the smoother speed did resemble the original PSX4Droid, it was NOT 1:1. In fact, there was significant slowdown during battles. Don't get me wrong, I think that there is a lot of potential here. But I also think that it's a bit premature to say that this is a perfect (1:1) product.

    Also, could you point me towards the info that states that this emu is GPU accelerated? I noticed several "accelerated" checkboxes in the options menu, but I'm not sure what they do.
  10. MyTjSux

    MyTjSux Android Enthusiast

    Awww yea Diablo
  11. minitune

    minitune Lurker

    What setting did you use for the video and the system to get it to work? I couldn't even see the screen on my Droid X.
  12. ciderax

    ciderax Lurker

    cant wait until the sony xperia play comes out! combined with emulators i'll never consider an iphone again ;)
  13. NoShineMM

    NoShineMM Well-Known Member

    I used stock settings and played some FF7 yesterday. i didnt see the slow down. How far did you have to into the game to see it? Also i have a Droid X.
  14. NGS84

    NGS84 Lurker

    This one is way faster than psx4droid. The only problem is; I cannot get the buttons to STAY on screen with landscape mode on my phone. Start, Select and R buttons disappear after tilting my screen to landscape mode.

    It als has a cheat option, but I do not know how it works.
  15. mruno

    mruno Android Expert

    i thought the newest version (.26?) fixed the layout issue
  16. Specter597

    Specter597 Lurker

    So ... I had it working at one point - now nothing. How do you have your Wiimote set up to work with FPse? I had tried Wiimote Controller and I can get it to connect, but the FPse won't read the key-presses when I try to assign HW keys.

    What am I missing? :thinking:
  17. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member


    I've moved this thread to the Android Applications forum where its probably more applicable at this point and may get more views and responses.

  18. This thread looks like an impromptu beta users feedback board...

    It tells me the product is not ready for the market yet.
    Of course I'm not a gaming nerd.
  19. Knitewulf

    Knitewulf Android Enthusiast

    Seems really well done, but I've never had any problems with PSX4Droid and that app is free so I think i'll stick with it unless someone convinces me otherwise.
  20. disastar

    disastar Well-Known Member

    Can anyone speak to whether FPSe or even PSX4Droid supports the PS3 controller (using the new dualshock3 drivers)?

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