Framworks for App Development

I have to write a term paper about frameworks for App development. It should analyse the effort for developing apps with each framework. Since I personally cannot estimate the effort I want to use a survey in forums for developers and ask developers about the effort.
I would like to ask you which questions would you advice me to ask in order to get significant information about the effort which you need to develop apps by using those frameworks for app development. What do I have to ask, to get comparable information about the effort.
I have to analyse the effort for developing apps by using frameworks like
Phonegap, Appcelerator, senchaTouch, iwebkit, webapp-net ...
If you have any suggestins please let me know.


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My term paper is about the comparison of frameworks for App development. I should write something about how the framworks work and what the frameworks can do. I can get the information needed for these two parts from the websites of the frameworks.
The third part of my term paper should deal with the effort for developing apps with each framework. I was told that I should use a survey and ask developers.
Now I am thinking about questions which I could ask in ordet to get relevant information about the effort. As you know more about developing with frameworks I wanted to ask you whether you would mind suggesting some questions.
It would be fairly kind of you if you could help me.