[Free]500+ MiniGame In one android game app


Levo MiniGame:
500+ HTML5 games packaged into one single android app -free games.
This includes casual games, racing games, shooting games, elimination games, puzzle games and so on.
Regardless of women, children, the elderly, or housewives, everyone can find their favorite games on a 10MB APP.
The game only needs access to the Internet and access to storage, without any viruses, and can be downloaded with confidence.

Features of our game:
1. A large collection of various types of small games.
2. Exciting arcade games, interesting music.
3. Beautiful graphics.
4. Some games have leaderboards waiting for you to challenge

What do we give you?
1. Relax and be happy.
2. Help pass the boring time.
3. With the help of the game, you can train your brain and dexterity.
4. Are you alone? We will be with you.

Levo Minigame is suitable for players of all countries and all ages.
Download Levo Minigame, all sad and melancholic thoughts will disappear.
From google play:
direct download:

You can also open https://levo.games directly on your mobile phone or tablet browser, and you can play directly in the browser, supporting mainstream browsers on Android/IOS/windows/Linux platforms