[FREE][6.0+] Sanctuary: Fingerprint security for your data and media files


Hi all,

I would like to introduce my application, Sanctuary, to help you secure your data and media files.

Play store link: Sanctuary google play

Sanctuary features:
- Create/Store text information.
- Move and secure Image/Video files.
- Uses Only Fingerprint authentication to access this application.
- Intruder snoop (Pro users only). Snaps a picture of any unauthorized personnel who tried to access this app.

I built this application to safely store my passwords and sensitive data on my phone as I always tend to forget them.

Application requirements:
- Android device with fingerprint sensor
- Android version 6.0 and above

*This app requires you to have at least 1 fingerprint registered in your device and also requires you to have
a lock screen setup.




This is the first android application that I have created and I hope you all will give this a try and let me know if there any improvements I can make to improve this app.

Thank you


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Hi all,

I am getting a few crash reports. I have fixed the crashes and updated the application.

Do let me know if there any more issues or feedback. Also, thanks again for giving this application a try.