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Free Alternative to SMS

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by VvWolverinevV, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. VvWolverinevV

    VvWolverinevV Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I just picked up the Motorola Droid, and I'm loving it :D I'm trying to find the best free alternative to SMS (because it's ridiculous that after paying $30/mo for 3G access, I have to pay more to move 100-character messages around on the same network...). Ideal would be something like BlackBerry Messenger.

    So far, I've been using gTalk with my status set to invisible, and that seems to be a pretty good alternative. When I initiate a gTalk conversation with an invisible status, the conversation usually remains short - like an SMS conversation. One downside is that people never initiate conversations on gTalk with me while I'm set to invisible.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a better alternative?

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  2. JackTheMan18

    JackTheMan18 Member

    you may wish to try out two very good apps from Market:
    Keep in mind that a sms client is a battery buster depending on the frequency of checking.
    For another totally different type of app, you may wish to try out Fring.
  3. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    Get Google voice, sends SMS over the data network. Downside is that it uses a different number.
  4. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Dont most data plans include sms these days? o_O i mean 30 a month and no sms? Your getting your pants tore off dude.
  5. VvWolverinevV

    VvWolverinevV Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the suggestions! mplevy, I'm trying out Google Voice, and it seems like SMS and outgoing calls use distinct numbers, both different form the one listed as my Google Voice number! Have you experienced this? Anybody know what's going on? I would expect those three numbers to be the same.

    IOWA, I totally agree, but Verizon is the only solid carrier, and as such, they get to charge stupid people for useless services :(
  6. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    GV gives you your own number there. In my limited use of it (so far), my outgoing calls and SMS all use my GV number. I'm assuming (I know, I know) that you're using the GV app from the market? The integration is SWEET, I can call a number and it will ask me if I want to use my GV or actual cell number. I text through the GV app and it uses data, not texts and arrives as though from my GV number.
  7. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Actually no, despite all the bad press, Sprint is the most reliable network according to third party independent studies. Hows that for ya? Link Below!

    A Day in the Life of 3G - PC World
  8. VvWolverinevV

    VvWolverinevV Lurker
    Thread Starter

    IOWA, I think you misread the article. It seems to claim good results for Sprint in West Coast cities. I take this to mean it did not perform as well in East Coast cities, as Verizon got an overall better result. Also, one of the reasons I say Verizon is the only solid network is because it's the only network that works outside of big cities... which this article did not address.
  9. VvWolverinevV

    VvWolverinevV Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It looks like I was freaking out for no reason, mplevy. The different numbers I was seeing were just access numbers. The call or SMS recipient sees my GV number just fine :)

    So, yes, GV is the only correct response to my OP. I'm only scared that Google is the only software company that can do anything right :( Monopolies are dangerous.
  10. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    lol Yeah, Google may become dangerous however they seem reputable, reliable and honest so far. We can all hope it doesn't go to their head and they turn into M$.

    This was my first venture into TRUE smartphone use and I've been VERY impressed, and the developer community is active, it seems I get an app update almost daily for one app or another..

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