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Free and Premium Watch Faces By insideglobe

Discussion in 'Wear Os' started by johnsmithgt555, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. johnsmithgt555

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    Stunning Watch Faces are on the roll. Expect us. We come with many more adorable Apps.

  2. johnsmithgt555

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    Cool Watch Faces by Insideglobe

    Play Store Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cool.watchfaces.insideglobe.coolwatchfaces&hl=en
    Right from the apparels we wear to the gadgets we use, everything speaks a lot about us to the people around. ”Staying Cool Bring out the Best”. So stay cool with Cool Watch Face

    What you feel:
    ★ Theme or face of your wearable based on your mood and occasion.
    ★ Beauty of the modern tech wearable’s is that you can choose as many themes as you like and install those in a single gadget

    What is Unique?
    ★ The theme or face colors can be easily changed
    ★ Displays a Day And Date
    ★ Dazzling Designs
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    You Want Professional looking with more battery efficient watch faces try this one UniqueWatch Faces
    • Designed for business and professionals who love to work through the night
    • Battey Staus for phone and watch
    • Displays a Date and Day

    Play Store Link:https://goo.gl/9kTRdz
  4. johnsmithgt555

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    Cosmic Watch Faces:
    “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself”- Carl Sagan. We are still vague about how the cosmos was formed, for instance. Likewise, it gets all your notifications in phone to your wrist

    What you get:
    ★ It Shows your missed Notifications
    ★ You can also receive Whatspp and Skype notification count
    ★ You could change the cosmic variants
    ★ Date and Day indicator
    ★ Phone and Watch battery status indicator

    What is Unique?
    ★ Notification dashboard shows your missed notifications
    ★ Rotating Background
    ★ Spectacular Designs
    ★ Background Changes for every hour
    ★ Magnetic Compass
  5. johnsmithgt555

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    Space Armour Watch Face would amuse the astronaut in you...It elevates your feeling and makes you feel like an astronaut
    Play Link: https://goo.gl/Mf8NLp
    What's New Updated for Marshmallow Android 6.0 for enable or disable permissions for sensors
    Highly featured watch faces :
    • Heart Beat Counter
    • Step Counter
    • Phone Unlock counter
    • Weather
    • Battery Indicator both Mobile and Watch
    • Digital and Analog Time with date and day

    and more color variants Space Armour ,...
  6. johnsmithgt555

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    Time Sailor fully animated Watch Faces:https://goo.gl/Ndr9xf
    “The Winds and Waves are always on your Wrist”. Sail your day with Time Sailor watch face. It's a miniature of what's happening on the big screen in the real world
    What you feel:
    ★ Sailing continuously in life
    ★ Sails past the obstacles and Sails towards your target
    ★ Sails to conquer and Sails and everything moves with you
    ★ Date and Temperature are updated as optional settings.
    ★ Now, you can read the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales.
  7. johnsmithgt555

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    Awakening watch faces for free for you!!
    Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change -Thomas Hardy”. Likely, Awakening watch face surprised you by its changes. It is like solving a puzzle, It awakens you.

    What you feel:
    ★ Every time you look at it, you have to take a moment to decipher the location of the arms to know the time.
    ★ It reminds you that you have to learn more and change yourself as often as possible
    ★ It motivates you to stay aware all the time and to keep moving forward.
    ★ It reminds you that the moment you stop changing, the world runs ahead leaving you behind.

    What is Unique?
    ★ Shows your phone and watch battery status
    ★ Displays Date and Day
    ★ Both round and square watch faces
    ★ Separate dial for hours, minutes and seconds
    ★ Aesthetic color combinations
    Play Store Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/....rotating.awakening.awakeningwatchfaces&hl=en

  8. johnsmithgt555

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    Smarter Watch faces:
    Be smarter than other people, just don't tell them so” Show them by your Appearance and Attitude. Smarter Watch face makes you too smarter than you are.

    What you get:
    ★ Round the clock Pulse Monitoring
    ★ Step counter ticks with every step
    ★ Heart Beat Counter counts your heart beat
    ★ Utilizes minimal battery power

    What is Unique?
    ★ Beautifully crafted design on par with celebrated chronograph watches
    ★ Both Phone and Watch battery status integrated in a single small dial within the main dial
    ★ Date and day of the week, included
    ★ Does not slow down or affect the performance of the watch
    Play store Link:https://goo.gl/Kex1hD
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. johnsmithgt555

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    Goosebumps Watch faces:
    Most of us love thrilling events, exciting incidents, scary moments and adventurous activities which are the most enjoying “Sudden Excitements” in our life. Goosebumps watch face had these attractions by Scary faces
    Play Store Link: https://goo.gl/fjyMRW
    What You Feel:
    ★ A Shining black crystal which you would love to wear
    ★ Enjoy the Scary Moment with Scary faces in different Colors
    ★ Pranks, Thrills,Odd beauties and the likes are also part of life.Make Prank with your friends by this watch face
    ★ You even can know Date, Day, Month, and temperature of your location by these Scary faces

    What is Unique ?
    ★ Scarring Five Faces
    ★ Various Face Colors
    ★ Splendid Designs
    ★ Date, Day and Month indicator
  10. johnsmithgt555

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    Time Gauge Watch Faces
    Play Store:https://goo.gl/DVllEm
    “Time therefore is the measurement of life” ― Sunday Adelaja.We always want to come up with the new ideas. This time we have removed the hour and minute hands which are otherwise part of the watches for 100s of years. Amused? One more thing is, it has no digits also. But be assured, it is a watch face. It has a novel way of reading the time. So Move on and enjoy your life with different dimensions of a time by Time Gauge Watch face,

    What you feel:

    ★ Time can be viewed either horizontally or vertically
    ★ You can easily toggle between horizontal or vertical position.
    ★ Battery indicator to show the status of the battery.
    ★ Very low battery consumption.
    ★ Displays a Date and Day

    What Is Unique?

    ★ If you are the one who goes for the new things, it is designed for you.
    ★ Time reading is easy. (Look the picture)
    ★ Elegant and stunning designs
    ★ Displays Date and Month and Battery status

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