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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Kiralinegames, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Kiralinegames

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    Children love colors, children love russian dolls and children love candy... why not combine the three? "Russian Dolls" is a beautiful, colourful and addictive game that your children will adore.
    In this ‘thimblerig’ style game, your child must uncover the "Russian Dolls" that contains the candy! At the start of every game, the player will be shown where the candy is to be hidden, once hidden, the candy will be out of sight... the dolls will be moved around and it is your job to keep your eyes on the one containing the candy - then you will be able to see if you were right! Each dolls greets you with quirky looks and rainbow colors - and you child will love how beautiful the game is.
    The music is comforting and great whenever you or your child needs to relax... "Russian Dolls" is fun but is also great because it aids your child’s development - improving visual memory skills, providing eye-exercise and improving focus, too.
    The awe-inspiring gameplay perfectly meets the end of a day, "Russian Dolls" is a lovely way to wind down towards the closing of a busy day. Your child can play before bedtime, in the morning or whenever they’re bored and they will be kept entertained as they concentrate on the majestic dolls.
    "Russian Dolls" is beautifully simple, greeted with a classic game that has been around for centuries; yet remastered for young children of all ages - even adults can fall in love with the game they may have played with as a child. Although however simple "Russian Dolls" may be, it also contains wonderful surprises along the way. As you climb the leaderboards and whizz past various levels, you will be astonished with enchanting surprises that leave you wonderstruck and make the "Russian Dolls" exciting and extreme with every passing level.
    We welcome your feedback and thank you for trying our games!
    ★Beautiful, relaxing animations
    ★Fun, addictive gameplay
    ★Gentle, soothing music
    ★Enchanting surprises that will leave you and your child wonderstruck
    ★Leaderboard integration
    ★Great for children and adults of any age!
    Search terms;
    child, kids, memory, doll, flavor, color, cool, logic, fun, thimble, thimblerig, music, spite, extreme, Russian, candy, find, free, surprise, ambient, HD, training, take off, clothing, undress, hot, gameplay, bonus, record, free games, russian dolls, magic, dash


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  2. Kiralinegames

    Kiralinegames Lurker
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    Every your opinion and it is important to us! Help us get better! Thank you for your attention!
  3. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    I've moved this to the application announcements forum so folks looking for new apps can find it.:)
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  4. Kiralinegames

    Kiralinegames Lurker
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    Thank you very much for your attention to us! we are a young and ambitious team of game developers! This is our first game! And we would like to tell everyone about it!
  5. dsnettleton

    dsnettleton Lurker

    I like the game. It's simple, obvious, and fun. The graphics are really sharp looking, too. It's amazing to me that the game is free.
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  6. Kiralinegames

    Kiralinegames Lurker
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    Thank you very much! I'd like to as many people know about it, because in Russia it is quite popular!
  7. Kiralinegames

    Kiralinegames Lurker
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  8. Napa apps

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    Thank you, very nice
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  9. Kiralinegames

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    You will love it! This game is free!We are a young team "KiraLine". If you have some (even the smallest) the possibility of placing information about the game, write me please:) skype: a.ksenafontova. It is free, casual family friendly, no ads and other tinsel! Thanks!
    We hope you will love it! Don't forget: the dolls remove sundresses :)
    Thank you so much!

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