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[FREE APP] eLook Mobile Cam

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by vivianunisvr, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. vivianunisvr

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    eLook Mobile Cam v2.0


    Use your Android phone as an IPCAM, i.e., your phones as a camcorder with live video transmission. Popular uses include baby monitor, nanny cam, pet cam, spy cam, or even as a CCTV camera.
    eLook Mobile Cam is true 3G/4G mobile camera APP. When you use smartphone on the Internet, the IP address change dynamically. With HermesDDS Service (also provided by UniSVR), the device can be connected easily with account and password, HermesDDS Service will detect and punch through firewalls automatically, without complicated network settings. HermesDDS Service for this APP is FREE to register, when you first time using this APP, just follow the instruction to register your HermesDDS account and devices, it take only 3 minutes to complete.
    You can view the video from another smartphone, or store the video on your home computer.
    The viewer APP for Android is eLook Mobile Viewer, it's also FREE for download. Use this viewer on the other phone or tablet to watch video from eLook Mobile Cam.
    For recording video on home computer, download and install a FREE video recording software UniVRT on your PC. Use your PC to record and watch up to 4 video channels. Visit UniSVR Global Information Technology Corp. on your PC, click the "UniVRT Software" to download and install it.
    The image is compressed before transmission. Compared with other APPs which work like a USB Cam, the bandwidth required by eLook Mobile Cam is 80% ~ 90% less, so when you are on 3G network, you can deliver very smooth video to your friend!



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  2. dontpanicbobby

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    Sounds like a great app. I can't test it out until later this week but I will try it.
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