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[Free App][Talking Battery Doctor], This smart App will Announce the battery Status of your Mobile.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by StallionChamp, Jan 27, 2016.

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    Today the life is too busy that its very difficult and hard for the android users to check their battery status again and again, Which create a lot of problem for all the users when their battery get down and there is no source available to charge it. Some time the android users forget to unplug their device from charging when it is fully charged which also effect battery life and performance.

    But no need to worry now because Mobile Tools Shop (MTS) team is always there to bring solutions for your problems. We are now presenting the Talking Battery Doctor application which is a complete battery doctor for your android device.

    In short you can call this application a Mobile Battery Doctor. Because it always check the health of your device battery and notifies you. This talking battery doctor app has a lot of feature beside it speak the battery status. This application keeps your updated on your mobile battery level. Talking Battery Doctor you to charge your mobile timely which will definitely solve your big problem.
    How to use Talking Battery Doctor application:

     > Just install it on your device.
     > There are various options available on the home screen which you can Enable/ Disable according to you own requirements. These options are.

    1. Enable or Disable the application by simply one click.
    2. Silent battery doctor gives you an option whether you want the battery notification enable or disable in silent mode.
    3. Low battery doctor will notification when battery is critically low.
    4. Full battery doctor will give notification when battery is fully charged.
    5. Every 20% battery doctor will give notification for your battery status after each 20% charge or discharge


    For this app any one can visit us on:

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