[FREE] [APP] Uggozi - Beautiful app to discover new places, meet explorers and inspire friends


Hey All! :)
Really excited to introduce you all to Uggozi (play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uggozi)! Uggozi is a community of travellers, explorers and dreamers where you can discover new places, meet explorers and inspire friends to explore this beautiful planet.

Spread the wanderlust to your friends by composing and sending them inspiring picture postcards. You can also set a photo as wallpaper and be inspired the moment you open your phone.

With Uggozi you can:
• Capture and share awe-inspiring photos of places and inspire fellow travellers and explorers.
• Become the 'Uggozi Explorer' of a geographical location by uploading a popular photo of that location.
• Send picture postcards to friends and inspire them to explore the world.
• Set gorgeous photos as wallpapers and be inspired from the moment you open your phone.
• Add a place to your 'want to see' list or mark it as 'been there'.
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Hey guys
We just released our biggest and best update yet!
Inspiring your friends to travel has become easier than before! Send any of your friends a picture postcard. If they are not yet a part of the Uggozi community, you can send the postcard as an email too. Bring out your creative best and send a postcard now!

Download the update at play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uggozi

Really looking forward to your comments on this update.