[FREE][APP]UR launcher

Hi everyone,

We're looking for beta testers for our next update. This update includes a contextual feature that lets you change profiles ("UR mood") according to where you are and what you're doing. So for example, "UR work" will pop up productivity apps, whereas "UR on the go" will pop up apps for public transport, maps, etc.

We also have tons of options to customize, like 3D live wallpapers, 2D images and icon packs.

Please visit our site to request an invite: URLauncher

And our Google Play Store link for the current version:

We've been working hard on this so we'd appreciate any feedback fellow Android friends :D

UR launcher team


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Thanks for everyone that has been helping out! We're still in beta, but about to release to an open beta while we work through a few more improvements. Still want to be a tester? We'd love to have you. www.urlauncher.com ;)