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[Free-Apps] "Where are you (with GMail)"/"I am here (with GMail)"

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by LuberSoft, Apr 19, 2012.

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    "Where are you (with GMail)" allows to query the position of one or more Android smartphone. This application must be used in conjunction with the application "I am here (with GMail)".
    With this applications, distributed across two or more android smart phones, you can view on a "controller" smart phone the exact position and/or the path made by one or more "controlled" smart phone (by using GMail accounts).
    The position detection made by this application are of two types:
    -GPS (exact but requires open areas)
    -NETWORK (approximated but requires only the GSM/UMTS/WiFi network coverage)
    The GPS measurements are made when the "controlled" smart phone is in open areas. The GPS receiver is used only when needed (and not all the time as most applications of this kind), so the battery consumption is limited.
    The position search allows to display the address and the map of the location of "controlled" phone and, in case of GPS coverage, the speed of "controlled" phone.
    When a "controlled" phone is in a closed area (without GPS), the application uses the GSM/UMTS/WiFi network to obtain an approximate localization. So you can always have a localization of "controlled" phones: exact when they are in open areas and approximate when they are indoors.
    The monitor feature of the application allows to display on the "controller" phone the map of the entire path made by a "controlled" phone in a period of time. On each point of monitored path, it's listed the point type (GSM or NETWORK) and the speed of movement in case of GPS coverage.
    Gmail credentials stored by the applications are used only for access to the e-mail box and they will not be disclosed outside.
    Coordinates of localization (of "controlled" smart phone) will be communicated exclusively to Gmail address specified as the "controller".
    The application consists of two parts: "Where are you" and "I am here". "Where are you" must be installed on a "controller" and "I am here" must be installed on a "controlled" phone phone.


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