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[FREE]Best HD Love Live Wallpaper

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by magamagic, Apr 15, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2015

    Dec 9, 2015
    Love Live Wallpaper HD


    Love is all around us! Share some happiness and joy and celebrate the most beautiful feeling in the world with ten romantic background images that Love Live Wallpaper HD offers to you! Backgrounds of pink hearts, red hearts, red roses and romantic couples will transform your screen into a burning love machine! Set your hearts on fire with these stunning “love wallpapers HD 2016” with floating red hearts!


    Say I love you to your phone and tablet with the most romantic wallpaper on the market! Let this romantic hearts live wallpaper be an inspiration to you – to love and be loved! With ten wallpapers of love and hearts, this free app will turn your screen into a display of romance and affection! A beautiful combination of love pictures, hearts themes and romance backgrounds is what you need to show to your sweethearts how you feel about them! Enjoy the cutest love photos wallpaper on the market!


    Animated red heart and roses on your screen!
    Choose the speed and density of floating objects!
    Ten beautiful “love wallpapers” at your disposal!
    First five “romantic wallpapers and backgrounds” are unlocked immediately, the rest of them will be unlocked over the next 5 days!
    If the wallpaper turns black after the reboot, please move it to your device storage, instead of the SD card!
    “Love Live Wallpaper HD” will not drain your battery!
    These “romantic wallpapers” and “love backgrounds” have been tested on many new devices and OS!
    Visit our channel to find more magical live wallpapers!


    Watch out, a real bomb of affection and feelings will explode on your screen, releasing a horde of cute little red hearts all over your desktop! “I love you themes”, “heart backgrounds” and “romantic pictures” are here to set your desktop on fire with the best “love backgrounds and pictures”! Don't be the last one to discover these cute romantic wallpapers for girls! Heavenly images with floating red hearts of Love Live Wallpaper HD will inspire you to yell from the top of your lungs “I love you” to that special someone in your life! Choose the best love and hearts background and customize the screen of your phone and tablet with the cutest pictures of this beautiful feeling! An image with “love quotes” or a pictures of two hearts intertwining on the blue sky will make your heart melt! A crazy little thing called love takes its first victims – see how easily you'll get captivated within the web of emotions and feelings the moment that you set these romantic wallpapers HD as your background pictures! May each and every of your days be Valentine's Day with these cute wallpapers for girls! If it feels “a lot like love”, it must be that – let go to the most beautiful feeling in the world! Pick your favorite heart background theme and see how an explosion of feelings overwhelms you and your device! The most wonderful “love themes for Android™ free” await you if you download this unique app!



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