Aug 6, 2011
What is a good free DVD to Android tablet convertor? One that's a full version, not a free trial.
Otherwise, what is a good video format to convert to? One that's a reasonable picture quality, and doesn't take up huge amounts of space.
I've got a Nexus 7, so I'm limited to having no SD card.
For my Nexus 7 I use 'Handbrake'. In its settings select Android High in the pre selects and change frame rate to source. Perfect copies each time. I play them back using mVideoPlayer for tablet. It as a full screen mode that does not distort the picture. Enjoy.
Another vote for handbreak I set it to Android High then change the Container MKV. I find the MKV gives better picture quality with a smaller file size.
its not free but DVDfab is a great program to buy, cost up front but license renewal is cheap and well worth it.

reason being is they stay on top of the program with constant updates for new copy protections so that you can make legal copies n backups of the movies you own.
I've downloaded Handbrake to try. How long does it normally take to convert a DVD? It's telling me it will take 7 hours 45 minutes. Is that normal?
I've used DVD Shrink to copy DVD's to my PC, and it will rip a DVD from anywhere between 5 min, up to 1 hour.