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Finance PM is your personal financial manager.
The main goal of this application is to help users control money quickly and easily.
As a rule, money ends at the most inappropriate moment, and then it is very difficult to remember: where and when you spent a rather large sum. It is difficult to understand, how much money left your pocket for health, education, entertainment, etc. It is more difficult to save a large sum for a vacation or to buy a house. This application will help you to supervise your expenses and reduce them.
You will be able to control any quantity of wallets and accounts in different currencies using personal financial manager. You will be able to save up money for any of your dreams.
We recommend to create limits (budget) on expenses for a month/day/any period. It will allow you to understand the difference between the actual and planned expenses. If you keep within a limit then you will control your money flows completely.
Finance PM is your personal accountant in your pocket, personal financial manager in your phone or a tablet.
What will the user receive, after downloading this application?
- Unlimited attention to your wishes and recommendations
- Convenient and functional interface
- Reliable support
... and also:
- Management of any quantity of accounts
- Opportunity to add, edit and delete operations on wallets: income, expenses, transfers
- Editable tree of categories, adjusts it for yourself (!)
- Opportunity to add new currencies
- Opportunity to adjust periodical (recurring) operations
- The application will be precise on how much money you owe or somebody owes you
- Protection of your personal information by password
- Possibility to synchronize data on several devices
Our money management application will satisfy all your needs!
Finance PM is your personal money savior.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.finperssaver


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People have been using day planners to control their time for generations. The appearance of personal computers brought about organizers. Then mobile applications began to appear.
The application named Carpe Diem (Latin - seize the day) introduces the main advantages of a day planner into your mobile device. If you cannot keep in mind the birthdays of your friends or their children or if you would like to remember the date of your sister or friend