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[FREE] Fotobot

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by voran, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. voran

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    From time to time we need to take a look on remote place which is far from you. It can be garage, garden, weather conditions on river side or something else. There are a lot of GSM cameras on market which can successfully do it. The idea of Fotobot is to replace those cameras by your old Android phone. Do not throw your phone, just install Fotobot.


    Main advantages:
    No ads
    Lightweight (800 Kb)
    Easy interface
    Supports all Androids (> 2.3)
    Works at old phones with slow CPU’s
    Requires less then 12Mb of RAM (for image processing)
    Sends images to e-mail
    Reports about battery charge level and GSM network strength level
    Different image sizes
    Mobile Data and Wi-Fi for connection
    Automatically connects/disconnects from network
    Designed for slow Internet connection
    Detailed log
    Sends photos via gmail.com and other mail services

    Fotobot-eng1.jpg Fotobot-eng2.jpg Fotobot-eng3.jpg

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  2. voran

    voran Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Fotobot 2.1.3

    • Log was fully redesigned
    • Emails body structure was modified
    • An issue with unreleased camera was fixed
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  3. voran

    voran Lurker
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    Fotobot 2.1.4

    • Writing of log to file
    • Sending of log to email
    • Open log directly from Fotobot
    • Password behind stars (***)
    • EMail sending time
  4. voran

    voran Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Fotobot 2.1.6

    • Detailed log very helpful for remote debugging.
    • Improved stability.
    • Takes less battery charge.
  5. voran

    voran Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Fotobot 2.4.4

    Fotobot 2.4.4

    Fotobot is powerful photo server which is running on your device.

    Below are main features of Fotobot:

    1) connect to Internet via Wi-Fi or MobileData;
    2) stays running (doesn't allow Android to kick out from memory);
    3) works on all devices starting from Android 2.3;
    4) installation package less than 1MB (important for old phones with small amount of internal storage);
    5) can be adjusted for slow-CPU devices (has an option for timing between processes);
    6) detailed reports in email (signal strength (db), battery charge(%), battery temperature (C), free space (MB));
    7) can be controlled via SMS;
    8) camera flash;
    9) internla/external(SD) storage;
    10) offline mode (no emails, just saving photos into storage);

    Typical workflow (fast start)
    Launch Fotobot and make some important settings
    Camera Name (f.e. Fazenda), helps to sort out email in Inbox.
    Pause between frames (sec)
    Do not use numbers less than 30sec, cause old phones do not have powerfull CPU for image processing.<br>

    on - photos will be sent to email;
    off - photos will be written to SD-card;
    Internet connection
    Select Wi-Fi, Mobile Data or both
    Fotobots email
    It sounds strange, but Fotobot has to have it's own email address (use email account with one level authentication (without SMS confirmation)).
    Fotobots password
    Password for Fotobots email account.
    SMTP server and port are very important too. If you created email account for Fotobot on Google Mail leave this fields unchanged.
    That's all for fast start, go to main window and press START button, after that Fotobot will start to make photos.
    Control via SMS
    1) password required in settings;
    2) launch Fotobot by pressing START (Fotobot checks for SMS only when started);
    3) send SMS to phone with started Fotobot:

    [SMS body]
    passwd pass
    update 300
    network on
    log on
    flash on
    jpg 50
    status on

    passwd - password
    update 300 - make photo each 300sec
    network on - photo to email and storage, network off - photo to storage
    log on - log will be attached to email
    log on 50 - log will be attached to email (size of log is 50Kb)
    flash on - photo with flash
    jpg 50 - JPEG quality
    status on - after that you will receive SMS with report.

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