[Free][Game][Beta] Stick Runner [Casual-Competitive]

Stick runner is a Casual-Competitive game that pits gamers against each other to get the highest score by keeping Stick Runner alive. Simply tap the screen to jump to the next platform, the longer you survive the higher your score will be! Challenge your friends using the integrated Google Play leader board system and achievements!

The game features cartoonish graphics that are suitable for all ages. And the level gets progressively harder the longer you play, see how long you can last!

Download now and become part of the Beta testing experience! Do invite your friends, all are welcome.


It looks like fun - which devices does it support? It says that none of my devices are compatible (e.g. HTC M8, Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 et alia). Looks like good, simple fun, would love to try it out!


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That is strange, it should be compatible with all of those devices. Nexus 7 for sure because my friend has it on a nexus 7. Thanks for the interest though, I'll look into it. :thumbsupdroid: