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[Free Game] City Management: City Grower

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jack992, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Would You like to be a city manager? With this game You can manage special zones in Your city and let them grow. In real life, city management isn't easy but with City Grower You can play with pleasure building own city without any problems. It's not total idle city builder but You have to plan where and when to build new zones. Building city to fast will force You to problems with money, so be carefull.

    Your goal is to build as big city as possible. You need to care about food and other goods production and grow city. To do it, You need build new zones, expand map, use special fields to increase production.

    Build Your own city. You have to care about place to live for people and place to producing products for people. Careing about resources and money will help You grow super big city. When You fullfill whole fields, You can buy new one for earned money from people.
    You can build supply centers to deliver much further Your goods and build much bigger city. Managing of city is very hard process but with this game it will be a real pleasure.

    First You need Resources, so build one. Next one is farm to provide food. When You have basics You can build zone with houses. Every delivering zone have distance where it can deliver, higher level means further delivery circle.

    So... buy new zones, expand Your territority and build super big city, try to reach 100 M people.


    1. MAP

    Map is randomly generated. Map has 100x100 size. On map You can find:

    Water - blue field, water near farm increases food production
    Trees - green field with tree icon, trees under industrial zone increases zones's production
    Oil - green field with oil icon, oil under resources zone increases zone's production
    Diamond or Gold - green field with diamond or gold icon, diamond or gold under luxury zone increases zone's production

    2. ZONES

    Resources - produces all kind of reasources for other zones. To produce something, needs only money. Can be upgraded to rise production and deliver resources further.

    Farm - produces food for houses. To produce, needs money and resources. Can be upgraded to rise production and deliver food further.

    Industrial - produces industrial products for houses. To produce, needs money and resources. Can be upgraded to increase production and deliver food further.

    Luxury - produces luxury products for houses. To produce, needs money and resources. Can be upgraded to increase production and deliver food further.

    House - has money income dependent of products delivery. Needs resources to be build, food to live, industrial and luxury products to generate more income. House zone is only one which can die because of lack of food.

    Supply center - zone which can store much more products and deliver to other zones. With these ones You can build deliver chains.


    Every zone, excluding House, has transport level. Every level is how far zone can deliver to other zones. For example '1' means that zone can deliver to only 1 slot near this zone - it can deliver to 6 neighboring zones.

    You can stop deliver to other zones by checking "Stop deliver to other zones" on zone panel.

    You can set zone to deliver only to supply zones by checking "Deliver only to supply centers" on zone panel.


    You can build new zones on empty fields. Building zones on special fields on map, gives You extra multiplier production.
    Every zone, excluding resources zone to be built needs resources and money. Resources zone need only money. To build zone You need to have zone which can deliver products to Yours new zone, so look out for transport level of neighboring zones.
    When You build house zone further than deliver capability, You will lose house zone.

    Download It From Play Store

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    I created a channel for your game. Best of luck.
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