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[FREE] [GAME] Dice Dodge

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Vadym, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Vadym

    Vadym Well-Known Member
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    Dice Dodge is a dice game related to those in the jeopardy family, which includes Pig and Farkle.
    However, instead of the choices being "keep rolling" or "stop", one must choose whether to roll dices along a column, row, or across the entire board in order to maximize their chances of winning.
    Gameplay involves tossing two dice and marking one cell on the board corresponding to the row and column rolled. The player then decides whether to roll one or both dice again in order to place more markers on the board. The point value of a row or column is equal to the number of markers on it, squared. If the player rolls a cell that has already been marked, their turn ends and their score is tallied. The winner of the game is the player with the most points after six rounds.

    How to play:
    1. To roll dices or a dice tap on the "Roll" button.
    2. After dice(s) rolled the cell(s) for marking will contain '?'. To mark
    just tap on a cell.
    3. If you don't want to roll a dice just tap on it. This dice will be locked for the next roll.

    You can play:
    - against your friend on the same device
    - agains Android
    - a daily tournament against other players

    The game was designed by Nicholas Reymann


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  2. Vadym

    Vadym Well-Known Member
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    I've released a new version with improved animation.
    Have fun!
  3. Vadym

    Vadym Well-Known Member
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    Several days ago I released a new version of my app.
    I added one more game with dices: Pig.
    Have fun!

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