[Free][Game] Flight Of The Lumberjack


Flight Of The Lumberjack is the manliest flappy game you will ever play! Be careful for the sake of your majestic beard or it might get stuck on the trees.

Simple rules:

-Tap to fly
-Avoid trees
-Have fun!
-Tell your friends
-And finally, show your mental beard by
destroying your friends' scores!


This is my first game and all feedback is welcome.
Thank you!


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Teeter is the classic game, where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth.
Your goal is to get through the maze, but avoid the holes on your way.

There are 40 addictive levels to play!

Unlock the levels one by one and complete all of them!

10 East levels
10 medium levels
10 hard levels and...
10 EXTRA hard levels!

Control the ball by tilting your device.


Give it a try and tell me what do you think.
Thank you!