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Kakuro or Kakkuro is a kind of logic puzzle that is often referred to as a mathematical transliteration of the crossword. Kakuro puzzles are regular features in many math-and-logic puzzle publications. Each "word" must add up to the number provided in the clue above it or to the left. Words can only use the numbers 1 through 9, and a given number can only be used once in a word. The aim of the game is to fill all the blank squares in the grid so that the numbers you enter add up to the corresponding clues. When the grid is filled, the puzzle is complete.

Every kakuro puzzle has one and only solution, and can be solved through logic alone.

Kakuro game is a very elegant logic puzzle, providing fabulous gameplay experience with 14000 unique games. All of them are verified to have only one possible solution!
It is very important to note that a proper Kakuro puzzle has only 1 unique solution, and it will always have a logical way of reaching it, there should be no guesswork needed.

Sometimes called Cross-sums or Kakro, Kakuro game is Sudoku's bigger brother. If you enjoy Sudoku then chances are you will really love Kakuro.


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I have just released new version with promo codes. So if you want to unlock puzzle boards for free - just post your ID here (Settings -> Promo code, dialog will popup with 4 alphanumeric characters - that's your ID) and I'll send you promo codes :)