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Herhor Labs

Hi everyone,

Memok is a completely new approach to memory game concept.
In this game you have to match balls that are in constant motion according to the laws of physics.
This is an ultimate challenge for most people :)


You have to be focused. You have to follow the ball movement.
You should find best strategy for each level - this seems to be crucial.
Be fast - the better the time, the higher the score.

== Google Play Link ==

There are different kinds of levels:
- with gravity
- with zero gravity
- with external forces

I will be happy to hear your opinion and what was your best scores.
Which level has the coolest mechanics, and which is boring...

Some people got 1000 total score. I didn't :)

== How To Play ==
- on each level you will see balls at their initial positions
- touch the screen to start the game and the timer
- touch a ball to see the hidden picture
- if you match 2 balls with the same picture balls will disappear
- if you match all balls you will achieve 0, 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on the completion time
- the better the time, the higher the score.

good luck :)
wow, this is awesome :)
I tried this game and I thought that it is impossible to match the balls when they spin like in a washing machine,
but after a few tries I got 2 stars at this "washing machine" level :)
now my kids are trying to beat my best score..

really funny concept!

Herhor Labs

Thread starter
Hi Markus,

I'm happy to hear that you like this game :)
I intentionally tried to make levels really hard to make game more challenging.

Did you make over 1000 total score? ;)

Herhor Labs

Thread starter
Hi Rachael,

I hope you will like it :)

You can play both on smartphone and tablet.
However, playing on tablet is more comfortable because the moving balls are bigger and easier to touch.

I will be happy to hear your opinion.

Enjoy the game :)

Herhor Labs

Thread starter

I have just added new version of Memok (1.0.7) with much more faster gameplay.

Based on user tests and opinions I removed 1-second delay after each incorrect match.
In the new version after incorrect matching you can immediately match the other balls.
Now only your mind can slow you down :D

Memok - Physics based memory match game, version 1.0.7

BTW: scoring was adjusted so that 1000 total points would be hard enough.
Enjoy ;)