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[FREE GAME] Poke It...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AlfiesArkGames, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. AlfiesArkGames

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    Title: Poke It...

    Genre: Arcade & Action
    Developer: Alfie's Ark Games
    Requirements: Android V2.1 and up, Touchscreen
    Price: FREE

    Market Link: Get App!

    Do you enjoy poking things? Ever wanted to poke an annoying celebrity? Do you have a secret urge to poke squirrels? Fear not, with the frantic poking action of 'Poke It..' you can now satisfy your urges and challenge the world all at the same time.


    • More than 25 levels in various locations.
    • Power Ups to satisfy those inhumane urges you may have.
    • Career progression and high score challenges.
    • Unlock trophies and achievements with ScoreLoop support.
    • Challenge friends and the rest of the world.
    • FREE - Supported by non-intrusive adverts

    It's free so why not give it a go.



  2. AlfiesArkGames

    Thread Starter

    UPDATE - V1.8 Released

    + Bug fixes (mostly courtesy of latest ScoreLoop SDK)
    + Tips added during loading screens
    + Minor tweaks to aid new players getting up to speed
  3. AlfiesArkGames

    Thread Starter

    UPDATE - V1.14 Released

    + Dropped in game ads and replace with occasional video adverts
    + Bug fixes (mostly courtesy of latest ScoreLoop SDK - again!!)
    + UI revamp
    + Extended the help information
  4. AlfiesArkGames

    Thread Starter

    Request for feedback bump! :)

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