[FREE][GAME][Puzzle] Quadrium: tetris meets 2048


Hello, let me introduce my new game of puzzle genre.

It is a hybrid of tetris and 2048.


Player has to swipe in any of 4 directions to move or merge the squares. Squares contain tetris tetraminos. If all figures from both adjusting squres can fit one square, they merge into one. Player has to calculate all moves and merges of one swipe to avoid andesired merges. Because, for example, a situation possible where a square can't contain more than three figures. While the purpose of the merging is to collect 4 figures inside one square, so it disappear and player recieves points.

This video explains gameplay process:

Quadrium: 2048 meet tetris - YouTube

So, try this, guys, and tell me, how much points you able to reach.

Google play link: