Jan 22, 2016
Hi there!

Check out our latest game on Android: Traffic Race 3D 2

This game is a mixture of arcade racing and casual driving on open tracks with support for Online Races. No more re-spawns when you hit the race track border. Go crazy and find the fastest route on each track.
We also have Endless tracks for people who like Endless runners :)

Try it on Android or Windows Phone

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Yeah we indie game devs need to stick together @Julerdo :)

I'm happy to let you know that Traffic Race 3D 2 has received a new major update with support for 4 players online :) If all goes well we can even push it to 6 in the future. All cars has been tweaked for better performance and controls. Check it out and take it for a spin!
Yes this game is still alive :)

Sorry about the lack of updates and posts, been busy working on this update.

In this update I’ve added support for up to 6 players online which is enough to cause proper mayhem which is the goal!

A new endless level with traffic in 2 directions is included and I’m working on a single lane endless level too.

Take the new car for a ride while you’re at it!

Give it a try:

Here is the rest of the news in this update:
* New Feature: Added support for 6 simultaneous players in online races
* New Feature: Added new Endless Free way level with 2 lanes and two way traffic.
* New Feature: Added push notifications.
* Improved: Car damage is active on regular races too now.
* Improved: New AI cars.
* Improved: Increased AI speed on Endless levels.
* Improved: Made the game harder to complete = more stars are required for levels after level #4.
* Bug: Fixed Resize issue on larger screens on other games screen.